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Why English Teachers Rock The Future with Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad?
Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid!!!

Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid, Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad Overview

The English language is the world’s most widely spoken language. Yet, the majority of English speakers have it as a second, even third language. It is interesting that of the approximately 1.5 billion people who speak English in the world, only less than 400 million use it as a first language. That means over 1 billion speak it as a secondary language. So this underlines its importance as a language that one must learn. 

This is why Explorer Dubai Ltd has several English teachers on hand to help our clients recognise that ‘English’ is very central as a subject in schools. 

It could even be the most important subject of all because one must be able to read, write, and speak in English to understand a range of subjects taught in English. 

In Uganda, for instance, all subjects are taught in English. This requirement means over 12 million Ugandans of school-going age must know English. 

Our Teachers With Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

It isn’t easy to teach English as it is a language subdivided into American and British English. Also, a rich array of idioms, phrases, expressions, and grammar makes teaching it even more tedious. 

So teachers place massive importance on disentangling the nuances of this modern language so that pupils can access its wealth as a language. 

Our teachers are experts in what we term grammatical vocabulary and meta-language.  This is defined as a “form of language or set of terms used to describe or analyse another language.”

 To make matters even better, our teachers are multilingual so that pupils who have English as a second or third language will not have much loss in translation.  

Our teachers have not only mastered the language but are also equipped with special educational needs. Such as learning aids and other devices that may serve the special linguistic needs of their pupils. 

Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad With English As A Subject

English can be tricky with expressions like “fat chance” and “slim chance”, meaning the same thing, while a dressed chicken has no feathers! 

Several rules guide English grammar towards improving speaking skills, well-written composition pieces, and reading abilities to enrich the former. 

The goal is to use the correct words in the proper order at the right time. This ensures one appreciates context and text without any pretext for avoiding the two. 

English Grammar comprises English’s system, structure, and scope: syntax and morphology (including inflexions), phonology, and semantics. 

The language is further broken down into eight parts of speech, including pronouns, verbs (involving gerunds), adjectives, nouns, interjections, conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs. 

The parts of speech demonstrate or show (the choice between the two implies they are synonyms) how words function through definition, denotatively, and through the sentence, connotatively. 

A single word may function as more than simply one part of speech when used in different contexts. Sometimes, the context or circumstance can denote the word.

 Understanding parts of speech help when using the dictionary to understand the correct definition of a word. 

Still, it is never cut and dried. 

How you use one word could denote the meaning of what you are trying to say. For example, some people mix up “Compare to” and “Compare with.” 

The prepositions ‘with’ and ‘to’ change the meaning of what you intend to say or unsay. Here’s how: 

To ‘compare to’ is to point out or imply resemblances between objects regarded as essentially of a different order;

To ‘compare with’ mainly points out differences between things considered as effectively of the same order.

So please feel free to compare yourself to, say, Shakespeare but not with Shakespeare. 

One rule of thumb or principle in writing good English is the system of KISS, which means Keep It Short, Simple. 

Many of the language’s greatest writers understand this.

 It is widely acknowledged that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were two of the finest American writers of the 20th century. And, they were rivals.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald said ‘The war was always there in the fall, but we did not go to it anymore. As written Hemingway was the most remarkable sentence ever written in the English language.

Our English instructors are proficient and efficient in teaching these stylistic and technical lessons. 

Qualities Of Our Uganda Teachers To Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

There is a widely held saying that “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Our Teachers Inspire, Our Thanks To The Following Qualities: 

  • Our teachers are great communicators. They say what they mean and at the same time mean what they say, being grammarians who are very eloquent. Like the great orators, sometimes our teachers use Chiasmus or ‘reversible raincoats’. An example of this is John Kennedy’s words: Let us never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate. Other times, their cadences and varied registers follow the Anaphora (repeating the exact word/phrase at the beginning of successive sentences). They have mastered epistrophe (repetition of the ends of 2 or more consecutive sentences/verses). 
  • Our teachers realise that to teach is to learn, so they are great listeners who give the best to their pupils by getting the best out of them.
  • They are friendly, so they create an accessible learning atmosphere for their students.
  • They are patient, so they will give the slower learners a chance to catch up because we all have different learning speeds. 
  • Organisational skills. They prepare for their lessons and ensure they are well-equipped to give the students what they need. 
  • Strong work ethic: Some of our teachers have written seven books and co-written other books. At the same time, we have edited and contributed to several anthologies that would be read as a virtual countdown of the world’s best literary works. In addition, some wrote seminal book on great literary figure and is essentially avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, poet, and literary translator. Yet he is just like the rest of our accomplished teachers! Indeed, what is unique about our teachers is they will go the extra mile to make sure their students do the same. That’s what we call inspirational!
  • They are always prepared, ahead of their game yet in step with the students, so they don’t leave them behind. 
Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

Qualifications Of Teachers To Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

To be recruited with Explorer Dubai as a teacher for foreign hire, you will need to have a bachelor of arts (BA) in English regardless of your teaching level. An MA in English or Education is an added advantage. A degree in humanities will also help while having Teaching experience in at least one school for at least a year. In addition, you must be fluent in written and spoken words. However, this is just a broad stroke of what you need; some more details are provided below: 

The competencies of our English teachers: 

  • The number one competency of our English teachers is their willingness to go that extra mile for their students. This is because while emphasising the importance of their becoming proficient English speakers and writers every inch of the way. 
  • They exhibit a level of professionalism that is underlined by the spirit of service above self. So they are patient, obedient, calm, well-mannered and tailored to your scholastic needs. 
  • More specifically, however, the best practices of our teachers come from:
  • critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of their personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviour, which are necessary for being effective teachers;
  • Updating themselves on the latest trends in English, even understanding nonce words (words used only once) and neologism, which are new words. 
  • awareness of their limitations and those of their students to surmount the same. 
  • awareness of the challenges which face students for whom English is a second or third, or even fourth language 
  • concentration and good observation;
  • continuously matching their skills and competencies with the best teachers anywhere 

Our teachers can quickly adapt to extracurricular academics when the need arises; they thus may make a connection with the students on a deeper level. This helps both understand their challenges and how to overcome them.  

Their attitude towards their teaching is critical, and our teachers love nothing more than to pick up their proverbial chalk and teach their students to become even more proficient in English than they are. 

Our teachers are aware that they are seen as role models in their field and can thereby influence the behaviour of their students for the better. 

This is what we call the knock-on effect of our services: If other teachers are devoted to their work, have a courteous attitude, a friendliness with their students, and an obvious concern for the care of the students, it will form a special bond towards solid learning.

Our Promise To Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

We go all the way to search and recruit those teachers who understand the challenge of teaching English and how it is a practical subject beyond the confines of the classroom. 

We promise that our teachers will follow several core competencies that serve as the very basis of their teaching abilities. 

Before our teachers even pick up any chalk or step within a classroom, it is essential that they need to develop several competencies. These are to the highest possible standards, and these competencies are:

  • the knowledge and skills in dispensing not only their English but also skills in handling and nurturing their students’ proficiencies
  • an understanding of factors that increase the knowledge of children, thereby making their students love to learn
  • the ability to accurately assess their student behaviour to grow to the level of brilliance we demand and you expect. 

As teachers, our teachers’ every working life is characterised by the number and variety of different tasks that they must carry out to teach their multiple students better. Moreover, these duties are often carried out within a single shift or more. 

Whatever the task, however, our teachers are expected to maintain the highest possible standard of teaching and complete the task at hand and be exemplary in academia.

As well as the several core competencies stated above, there are task-specific competencies that are particularly important for the operational effectiveness of our teachers. 

These are:

  • multi-tasking – being able to carry out several demanding teaching tasks

at the same time and with equal accuracy and efficiency; 

  • alertness and total commitment – being vigilant and remaining focused to execute each task to the hilt while foreseeing and forestalling potential hazards early and leaving nothing to chance;
  • attention distribution – our teachers are experts at splitting their attention across all classroom settings and syllabi. 
  • situational awareness – our teachers use all their senses to build up an accurate mental picture of the needs of their academic environment, fully aware that their students are vastly different in their learning capacities. 
  • anticipation – using their observational skills and teaching experience, our teachers know how to anticipate what their students’ needs and ensure that what is needed is done efficiently and effectively; 
  • planning – our teachers are also planners who use their planning precisely for making rapid and accurate decisions throughout the task at hand;
  • making judgments – when it comes to making judgment calls, our teachers are brilliant at judging situations accurately and taking the best and most appropriate action informed by their superior knowledge of the classroom setting and the English language.
Teach English Abroad All Expenses Paid

Why We Have The Best Database Of The Best English Teachers:

  • We vet only reliable teachers for the job
  • Our teachers have a spotless teaching record. That’s because we check each teacher’s practice history for records and action. 
  • We check and crosscheck for the English proficiencies and behaviour of our teachers.
  • Of course, the moralities of our teachers must gel with the highest traditions of quality service. 
  • The ability to communicate with those you teach is at a premium, so our teachers must be good communicators. 
  • And our teachers must know that English is an evolving language whose every nuance they must master. 

Minimum Qualifications For English Teachers

  • All applicants must have the following minimum qualifications for teaching English:
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age
  • Applicants must have a diploma, degree or masters in education and English. 
  • Applicants must provide no less than 1 year of teaching English 
  • Previous employers and references are checked and must be verifiable
  • Applicants must show stable work history and good references (for experienced teachers no more than three employers in last year)

How To Recruit English Teachers From Us

Step One

  • Schedule a free consultation now! Or
  • Call us today or
  • WhatsApp now or
  • Book Online
  • Tell us the required:
  • Quantity
  • Required date
  • Country
  • Salary range
  • Other employment benefits

We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step Two

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step Three

  • We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:
  • Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue 
  • Through Skype
  • We shall carry out necessary government clearances
  • We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.
  • If practical interviews are required; we shall:
  • Arrange and provide testing in English proficiencies 
  • Arrange the examination room, facilities and invigilators 
  • Arrange with the security agencies and provide security for visitors, participants and the venue.

Happy customers will always say it.

What Our Clients Say

alaphat ssekubulwaalaphat ssekubulwa
12:27 12 Oct 22
Most trustable in bridging the employment gap.
Sandra namu ugandaSandra namu uganda
15:54 06 Sep 22
Best company ever! There’s no better company than Explorer Dubai limited. I used it four years ago am so happy even just planning to visit home since 2018. I remember when I have finished three years this side I got a call asking me if am okay or there is any problem .thanks for the care.
Great customer care.. n legit works.. n genuine company for what it advertises to do
Kaps TimKaps Tim
11:33 16 Jun 22
There’s no better company than this in Uganda.
They are organise but very slow

How Much Does It Cost?

Our recruitment is ideally free.

However, we also know the international labour market is diversified with each country’s specific labour requirements and laws. Therefore, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you so desire.

We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We are so confident; you will love our English teachers. We offer a 100% three-month performance guarantee. We shall replace for free any English teacher that does not satisfy your expectations

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We know it is stressful to source reliable English teachers. And because we know that a good English teacher gives peace of mind by doing the things that set you at ease.

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