How The Recruitment Works  The recruitment process is regulated by the government of Uganda under the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD). Many processes overlap.
The following is the process

1. Document Submission

Online submission of recruitment documents to the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (MGLSD) which keenly observe and regulate our activities.

This clearance is sought by disclosing information about the client (you), your agreement with us (EDL), the actual job order and the job requirements.

The following are the recruitment documents submitted:

  • Agreement between foreign agency and Explorer Dubai Ltd
  •  Sample of employment contract
  • Copy of demand letter
  • Copy of special power of attorney


2. Approval

Once approved, the job is made available to the public

3. Find the right fit
Update your job description or budget any time to drive more people to your jobs and convert them to apply.
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