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Recruitment Process

Regulation of the recruitment process is by the government of Uganda. Under the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD). Many processes overlap. The following is the process:
1.  We do submit documents Online to the government. The Ministry of Gender, Labor and social Development (MGLSD) observe and regulate recruitment.
This clearance is sought through disclosing information about:
a.The client (you)
b.Your agreement with us (EDL)
c.The actual job order
d.The job requirements.

The following are the recruitment documents submitted:

  • Agreement between foreign agency and Explorer Dubai Ltd
  • Sample of employment contract
  • Copy of demand letter
  • Copy of special power of attorney
2.  Once approved, the job is made available to the public
3.  Candidates are submitted for clearance with our government security agencies.


  • Explorer Dubai Ltd takes over the entire recruitment cycle. That enables our clients to focus on their core operational functions. While we outsource the HR function.
  • We have liaison officers all over Uganda to help us reach out to as many people as possible.
  • We screen clients. This is according to the particular job demand, skills, character and physical structure. This has enabled us develop a reliable data bank.
  • For unique jobs outside the existing data bank we have the capacity to source for them at greatest speed.

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