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Why Recruit From Uganda

Uganda is the most suitable country in Africa to recruit labour from. Imagine the following:
  • Productive Youthful population

Uganda has the youngest population in the world. Labour is available and at its most productive state. With the current population of 44.4M only 2% are above 65 years.

  • Hospitality

The country hosts one of the biggest refugee populations in the world. The country is very hospital and welcoming. It’s in their DNA. Take them anywhere and they will adopt and you reap the benefits.

  • Education system

The literacy rate is 80% for males and 64% for females. The labour force is what the world need.

  • Religion

There is diversity of religion from Christianity, Islam, Pentecostal. Labour that fits religious bias or tolerance is available.

  • International labour practices

The country is a signatory to all International Labour laws and conventions. It respects labour rights in principle.

  • Security

Uganda is a stable country within its boarder. You get stable labour hence better productivity. The population is also very security conscious to your advantage. You can also come to the country for recruitment as and when you need knowing you are safe.

  • Entrepreneurship

Uganda is the most entrepreneurship country world. This shows the productivity, ambition and creativity of the population. This labour force is a unique valuable resource to any employer in the world. Come get it.

  • Migrant policies

Uganda has one of the most orderly labour externalization policies in African. Today its exporting labour to Middle East countries. Many are quite interested including North America. This is because of their very low crime rates and cultural adoption. Anti-human trafficking policies are also good. Ugandans are not among the desperate Africans crossing to Europe. Labour migration is orderly and the immigrants not desperate but workers.

  • Location

Uganda is well located to supply any part of the world. With ease and efficiency at the smallest costs. This saves the recruitment fees and costs.

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