It’s Awesome! Did You Know That You Can Earn Millions Of Commissions From Your Connections?
You Don’t Need To Be A Commission Agent To Earn That Commission From Us. Just Connect Us To Employers

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How Top recruitment agencies in Uganda,  Like Explorer Dubai Ltd, Does It

Now that you know them, let us know them too. We shall pay you just for having those contacts that we need. Just like that!

This is a business idea for anyone who wants passive income almost effortlessly. We get you to earn that extra bark by simply connecting us to employers or job seekers who will consume our services.

We turn you into a blossoming businessman and woman using our infrastructure at no cost! Entrepreneurship has never been easier.


  • You connect us to a prospective employer. It could be just your daddy, mum, bro, sister, friend, workmate or relative. It does not matter. What matters is if your referral has jobs or vacancies that our agency can help fill.
  • You then connect the two of us. Please let us know the person you are going to connect to us before. This will smoothen future settlements and avoid counterclaims from other third parties.
  • Your efforts to ensure the deal goes through will of course help the business deal and guarantee your commission.
  • We are at your service to help coordinate or provide any information you may need to realize the deal.
  • We are even willing to travel to meet you and your contact to ensure this business’s success. We shall also, if necessary, facilitate your contact to meet us if so required to have the deal through. 

How Much Commission Do You Get Paid from Explorer Dubai Ltd One Of The Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda?

We shall pay you up to 20% of the business deal net of direct costs.

Let’s say for example that the employer is a construction company that requires 1000 labourers. Let’s also assume that this company shall pay us recruitment fees of $500 per labourer less direct costs like tickets.

This is therefore a deal worth $500,000 to which you will earn $ 100,000(20%). Wow!! We shall pay you just like that.

When Do You Get Paid Your Commission From Explorer Dubai Ltd One Of the Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda?

We promise to wire you this money as soon as it’s paid. We shall wire you this commission within 7 days of being paid by your contact.

Where your contact can deduct from the source and pay you directly, it’s okay with us.

Where it’s us paying to acquire the job, the same idea still works.

Is There A Limit To The Referrals

There is no limit. You can refer to as many contacts and business opportunities as you can. You will be paid per deal!

To whom Can You Refer

This could be any of the following:

  • CEO
  • HR Personnel
  • Business owner
  • Operations Managers

Just anyone who has the authority for hiring in an organization. Please avoid wild goose chase referrals. Refer to actual deals or potential deals you are confident of.

Job Seekers From The Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

Those who refer job seekers get paid a commission for successful deployment. We only pay after the referral is successfully deployed abroad.

The more you refer the more commission you earn. However, note that we don’t pay commissions for close family relatives like parents referring their children or other blood relationships referring their kin to us. This is also only applicable to ethical recruitment deals.

How Much Is Commission Paid Per Commission Agent from the Top Recruitment Agencies in Uganda?

We pay a $100 commission per deployed jobseeker.

In some instances, we shall negotiate for a better deal.

Housemaids are excluded from this commission arrangement.

Why Is Uganda With The Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda?

If you’re looking for workers in Africa, Uganda is your best bet. Imagine this:

Collaborative, Productive, And Young

The population of Uganda is the youngest in the world. Workforce availability and effectiveness are both high. There are currently 1.2 million people over the age of 65 in a total population of 44.4 million.


Refugees are among the largest migratory populations in this country. The nation provides excellent healthcare and a warm welcome. That behaviour simply runs in their family. You can take them anywhere and watch as they quickly adapt to their new environment.

Methods Of Teaching and Learning

Both sexes have high literacy rates; men at 80% and women at 64%. The world’s needs are best met by the working population.


Christianity, Islam, Pentecostalism, and other faiths coexist peacefully. Those seeking to hire based on their religious beliefs can do so.

Procedures In International Labor Standards

All international labour laws and conventions, including those against human trafficking, have been ratified by the government. To a large extent, it upholds workers’ rights.


Within its borders, Uganda is a safe and secure country, where you can count on a consistent supply of skilled workers and high output. The populace as a whole is very cautious about safety, which works in your favour. Also, you can visit the country whenever you need to for recruitment purposes without worrying about your safety.


According to surveys, Ugandans are the most enterprising people anywhere in the world. It’s evidence of the population’s drive, ambition, and inventiveness. Any company in the world would be lucky to have access to this workforce. Here, take it.

Regulatory Measures For Foreign Nationals

When it comes to hiring workers from other countries, Uganda has one of the most organized policies in all of Africa. Today, many countries, including those in North America, are interested in the country’s ability to export labour to countries in the Middle East. Their incredibly low crime rates, openness to new ideas, and efforts to combat human trafficking all contribute to this. The desperate Africans who are trying to reach Europe by boat do not include people from Uganda. The Ugandan immigrants aren’t desperate people; they move because they need to work.


Uganda’s strategic positioning in the global market allows for low-cost, efficient distribution worldwide. Expenses normally associated with hiring new staff are avoided.