Before being permitted to travel, the candidate must receive government and Interpol clearance. For a new applicant, the time frame must be at least one month. However, those that arrive early are already cleared for travel.



Yes, a great deal



The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, or reception of individuals using inappropriate means (such as force, abduction, deception, or coercion) for an improper purpose, such as forced labour or sexual exploitation, is known as human trafficking according to the United Nations.



 a. Be Aware Of Your Environment. Always be watchful and conscious of your surroundings.

b. Refrain From Walking Alone. Women have been violently abducted while out and about.

c. Act Quickly If Suspicious 

d. Don’t trust people easily.

e. Use social media responsibly.

f. Be Prepared For Everything.

g. Use your phone, please.

h. Trust Your Gut Feelings.



Verify the company’s registration documents, participation in any relevant associations, and the existence of an office in a visible location. Contact the Ministry of Labor, Gender, and Social Development if you are still unsure. Or contact the ministry website: