Reasons Why Qatar Should Hire Lifeguards From Uganda
Recruitment Experts – placing Life guards into vacant roles, saving a Qatar company the hassle and time spent finding suitable Lifeguards themselves. We help businesses solve their Life guard’s needs.

Do you need qualified lifeguards to protect your beach or swimming pool in Qatar? Now you know that Explorer Dubai Ltd. employs the finest Ugandan lifeguards. Our lifeguards genuinely are the best in the business regarding saving lives.




The fact that the desert meets the sea in Qatar is genuinely unique. The sand dunes in Khor Al-Adaid are among the most breathtaking landscapes in the entire country.


These draw many swimmers who want to take in the breathtaking scenery and revel in the wonders of nature. But we know you’ll wish to have a watchful eye on you just in case something happens while you’re swimming. So, a lifeguard is necessary, yes.


Lifeguards are there to save the day when someone is in danger of drowning. In addition, lifeguards are employed to prevent drownings and other aquatic mishaps at public and private swimming facilities such as beaches, rivers, and pools. They achieve this goal by carrying out a variety of activities.

Okay. The Job of a Lifeguard: What Do They Do?


Lifeguards are there to save the day when someone is in danger of drowning.


Lifeguards are engaged to prevent drownings and other aquatic mishaps at public and private swimming facilities such as beaches, rivers, and pools. They achieve this goal by performing the following activities:


  1. In order to prevent injuries, near-drownings, and other potentially fatal incidents, lifeguards impose safety restrictions for swimmers to follow. Warnings of extreme severity may occasionally accompany certain laws and regulations.
  2. Furthermore, they instruct swimmers in water safety practices. They do this by giving the swimmers instructions on how to complete their goals while swimming.
  3. In the unfortunate event of an emergency involving a swimmer, lifeguards are there to help.
  4. In fact, they have the authority to prevent swimmers from entering a pool if there is a risk to their safety. It is not the end of the line for lifeguards.
  5. They act as a type of supervision. As part of their job, they oversee the proper functioning of various pieces of machinery. They keep an eye on everything that goes down in the pool areas by keeping in constant contact with the swimmers.
  6. The lifeguards’ duty to keep watch over the pool extends to responding to any emergencies that may arise among the swimmers. When an emergency happens at a place where people swim, such as a beach, pool, river, or lake, they take immediate action and perform rescues.
  7. We are all well aware of how important it is to have a clean environment in which to live and work. Similarly, lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a sanitary and secure atmosphere around the pool.

The Primary Concerns Of Lifeguards


Lifeguards are on the lookout for the following types of swimmers:


  1. Those who stop moving or even submerge themselves in water are said to be passive drowning swimmers. In this case, the lifeguards must act quickly and rescue the victim.


  1. If a swimmer is drowning, they struggle to keep their heads above water. When this happens, the swimmer invariably swallows water. Therefore, a lifeguard needs to act swiftly to save the sufferer.
  2. Swimmers in trouble may only sometimes require immediate assistance. Yet, when lifeguards see that a person has trouble swimming, they sometimes swim to assist them.
  3. The fourth group consists of “typical” swimmers. They are all fit adults who can swim without any supervision.


Exactly Why Do Qatar Employers Seek Out Ugandan Lifeguards?


We at Explorer Dubai Ltd. feel confident placing our lifeguards in QATAR or anyplace else in the world because of their proficiency in meeting international standards. However, professional lifeguards in Uganda differ from their peers worldwide in several ways. The following describes these skills and traits:


Honest And Diligent


You can trust the lifeguards in Uganda completely. You can count on them to get the job done every time. Because of this, we are in charge of ensuring the public is safe. Of course, this is of the utmost importance to the people of QATAR, who look for the most trustworthy security staff they can find.


Capable Interlocutors


Those in QATAR value the ability of Ugandans to communicate effectively. It is common for Ugandan lifeguards to be fluent in multiple languages. And this aids them while communicating with clients from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Also, they are great at communicating, so if there is a rescue or medical emergency, they can immediately get in touch with other lifeguards and the right people.


Able To Perform At A High Level


Ugandan lifeguards have a wide array of valuable abilities. Rescue techniques and the treatment of spinal injuries are among these abilities. As a result, they are in high demand in QATAR and elsewhere since they are always learning new ways to use their specialized knowledge.


Having the Capacity to Lead


Ugandan lifeguards are known for their ability to take charge in the face of chaos and calm the public down. This skill is put to use in the event of a coordinated rescue of a swimmer in distress. Given that lifeguards seldom have to complete a task independently, they must be able to work well in a group and take the lead when necessary.




When it comes to saving lives, lifeguards from Uganda are true experts. That means they work long hours and treat their clients with the highest dignity. Therefore, you should always be on time, manage your time wisely, and look at the part by donning the appropriate attire and adopting the right frame of mind.


Knowledge Of Preventative Measures


In other words, lifeguards in Uganda always come to work in the right clothes and with all the PPE they need. They never sleep. Thus, any crisis can always be handled by them.


Fitness And Stamina To Spare


The lifeguards in Uganda are in such great shape that they can keep going for hours without tiring.

In QATAR, where temperatures often range from about 65 to about 102 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a very important trait.

Exciting Facts About Ugandan Lifeguards and Their Faith


We understand that Islam is the official religion of Qatar, though other faiths do the practice there.

This reverent fact is why our Lifeguards, Muslim and otherwise, hold the following truths in the highest regard and will use them as guides in their daily lives:


  1. With a total population of 2.169 million, Qatar is home to a sizeable Muslim population (approximately 65.5%), making it a de jure Islamic state. The majority of Qatar’s Muslims are Sunni. While the majority of Muslims in Qatar are Sunni, only about 10% of the population is Shia. Since Islam is the second most popular religion in Uganda, our Lifeguards, both Muslims and non-Muslims, are familiar with Islamic customs and beliefs, including the types of beverages, foods, celebrations, and clothing appropriate for Muslims.
  2. According to (2019), the Qatari Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and assembly so long as adherents do not disrupt public peace, morality, or safety. Therefore, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, other Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Indian Christian, and Coptic churches are all legally allowed to operate in Qatar. 15.4% of Qataris identify as Hindu, 14.2% as Christian, 3.3% as Buddhist, and 1.9% as belonging to no religious group at all. These statistics suggest that Muslims and non-Muslims will find a warm welcome in Qatar. Our Lifeguards, therefore, have a habit of getting along with people of different faiths because Uganda is a religiously diverse country.

While the Constitution of Qatar guarantees religious freedom, the government limits how citizens can exercise that freedom in public. For this reason, it is strictly forbidden for a non-Muslim to try to convert a Muslim to their religion in Qatar. Many of our Lifeguards have attended Islamic educational institutions (colleges and high schools), so they are familiar with most Islamic norms and customs. They are thus a perfect match for the religious differences

How to Become a Lifeguard in Uganda


  1. You need a certificate showing that you have completed secondary school.
  2. Learning how to swim and administering first aid are prerequisites.
  3. You need to go through training, which includes regular swimming and first aid lessons.
  4. It would be best if you had excellent listening and talking skills.
  5. You should be prepared to labour for long periods.
  6. You should expect to put in more time, even on days off.
  7. You must have a pleasant demeanour, be polite, and make others want to talk to you.
  8. It would be best if you were someone who thrives on being part of a well-oiled machine and enjoys collaborating with others.

Why Should You Hire Explorer Dubai Ltd for Lifeguards in Qatar?


At Explorer Dubai Ltd, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s concerns. We go above and beyond to ensure their safety and well-being. Here’s why we are always a step ahead of other Ugandan recruitment agencies for Lifeguards in QATAR:

  • We have a proven long and successful history of providing qualified and experienced Lifeguards to Qatar.
  • We offer a hassle-free and cost-effective service.
  • We are also dedicated to finding the best match between the candidate and the employer.
  • We have a proven track record of successful placements.
  • We offer a personal and professional service.
  • We provide the best quality service.
  • We offer the most competitive rates.
  • We have a good reputation.

Why Should You Hire Explorer Dubai Ltd. for Lifeguards in QATAR?

At Explorer Dubai Ltd we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s concerns. We go above and beyond to ensure their safety and well-being. Here’s why we are always a step ahead of other Uganda recruitment agencies for Lifeguards for Qatar facilities:

  • We have a long and successful experience in providing qualified and experienced Lifeguards to Qatar homes and offices.
  • We offer a hassle-free and cost-effective service.
  • We are dedicated to finding the best match between the Lifeguards and the job at hand.
  • We have a proven track record of successful placements.
  • We offer a personal and professional service.
  • We provide the best quality service.
  • We offer the most competitive rates.
  • We have a good reputation.

What Our Clients Say

How Does Our Three-Step Recruitment Process Work?

The three easy processes that Qatar employers take to hire Ugandan labour here at our company are:

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  1. Remember to give us your demand specifics, including:
  2. The necessary number of staff members
  3. The date by which you require them
  4. The country of the worker's final destination.
  5. The workers' salary range.
  6. The age, experience and academic requirements
  7. Basic medical tests to be done

We guarantee an immediate response, and if that's not feasible, one within the next twelve hours.

We will provide you with twice as many resumes as the minimum required for selection.

      We will schedule candidates interview in accordance with your preference, which will consist of either:

A physical interview. During this, we will assist in the organization of your accommodation and interview location; Or

An interview conducted through Skype


We are going to get the appropriate clearances from the government.

You will receive the Ugandan workers right at the Airport of your choice!

Our Guarantee

At Explorer Dubai Ltd we’re confident that you’ll appreciate our Lifeguards professionals. We also offer a 3-month performance guarantee and will replace any Lifeguards that don’t meet your expectations for free. Our Lifeguards are professionals that have become a necessity for our clients over the years overseas.

How Much Does It Cost?


We keep our recruitment ethical and completely free.

Nevertheless, we are quite familiar with the international migrant labour market because the criteria for workers in each country vary. We understand that each country’s labour requirements differ, and we are happy to discuss your specific needs in a one-on-one conversation.

 Our goal is to provide superior services at an affordable price. We take great pride in providing services that are both low-cost and of the highest possible quality.

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Regarding Life guards professionals for Qatar works, there are many factors to consider. But you can’t go wrong with Ugandan Lifeguards if you’re looking for reliable, efficient, cost-effective Lifeguards. Their years of experience know how to handle any situation and always have your best interests at heart. So, consider Lifeguards for your work if you need professional Lifeguards.

Our Recruitment Top Secret

“Now, let me reveal this brand-new secret that everyone else is talking about! Finding reliable Lifeguards who can be relied on is a stressful process. We are at your service because we know that hiring reliable Lifeguards will allow you to focus on important activities. Hire a Ugandan Lifeguard for your work or home care today! We have a very fast deployment pace!


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