Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” title=”A. GENERAL JOBS” description=”JOB SEEKER” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”][accordion_father active=”0″][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”1. What are the requirements for one to go and work outside Uganda?” clr=”#10b6e0″]There are several requirements depending on the country, city and the particular job. Please contact us for details. However, the following are basic requirements:

  1. A valid passport with at least six months to expire.
  2. 20 Passport photos against a white background
  3. 4 full size photos against a white background (in formal wear)
  4. Original academic documents e.g S.4, S.6,Certificate,Diploma & Degree
  5. Recommendation letters from previous employers & discharge letters
  6. Vetting letters (with stamps from LC1 & DISO)

[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”2. How much does it cost?” clr=”#10b6e0″]There is no standard cost for a job. The financial input differs from job to job. Actually, some jobs are basically free like domestic workers. You need to contact us for cost specifics per existing jobs. However, there are basic financial obligations one has to incur for jobs other than domestic maids. These include the following:

  1. Passport UGX 252,300(about USD 70). The price depends on government rates. You need to contact Ministry of Internal Affairs; Department of Migration. Currently it costs about USD 70. Please note that the exchange rate fluctuations may affect the price.
  2. Interpol that costs about UGX 80,000(USD 25).
  3. Yellow Fever Vaccination currently about UGX 80,000(USD 25). This may slightly differ depending on hospital. Note that vaccination from only specific hospitals are recognised at Entebbe Airport. If in doubt on the medical facility please contact us for advice.
  4. Registration fee UGX 50,000 (USD 15)
  5. Medical UGX 200,000(USD 55)
  6. Uniforms UGX15,000(USD 5)

For costs for domestic workers;please refer to their sub section B below.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”3. Do I need an agent to contact you?” clr=”#10b6e0″]We can be contacted directly through phone, what sup, mail or walk in. We do not encourage use of agents.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”4. How come it is expensive?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The recruitment fees are a world wide phenomenon recognised by the UN. Many employing companies have tended to outsource either their entire HR function, parts of it and or sometimes the hiring function. This has created agents and fees to external companies that are subcontracted to supply labour. Further, fast developing countries that outsource labour are few compared to those that can supply them. The costing then has been a function of demand and supply.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”5. Where do I pay the input fees?” clr=”#10b6e0″]All the fees are paid only to the bank account or by MOMO pay.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”6. How long does it take to travel?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The final determinant is the employer and visa issuance. In some countries the visa issuance is slower than others. Also religious seasons that create holidays and slow business. Your ability to pass the interview does matter too. Overall; generally it will take between one to three months after registering with us to travel.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”7. To which countries do you take people to work?” clr=”#10b6e0″]We take people to only those countries that the Uganda government authorises. While we endeavour to source jobs as widely as possible around the globe; it must be authorised by the government before labour export.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”8. Isn’t there a lot of suffering in Arab Countries?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Currently Uganda’s main Labour migration is to the Arab World. There is no evidence of workers undergoing a lot of suffering or just suffering in the Arab World. However, there are many domestic workers currently being exported and working in this part of the world.

Domestic workers are a vulnerable group however, who needs a lot of monitoring and follow up to avoid mistreatment by employers locally or abroad. Mechanisms exist in the bilateral agreements between Uganda and those  countries to handle arising challenges.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”9. How come social media shows a lot of suffering and death outside there?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Social media is a good platform for modern day communication in real time. Social media is a new phenomenon that is hardly regulated. Many of the incidences are not true, exaggerated or just made up. However, some instances reported could be true. Such challenges if handled through the established frameworks are solvable particularly for legal migrants.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”10. What jobs are there?” clr=”#10b6e0″]There are many job categories available. They also keep on changing at any one time depending on demand. Contact us for the current details of check on this website.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”11. What age is required?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Minimum age is 21 years and maximum 40. Some unique jobs like heavy truck drivers and professionals the age is flexible. If in doubt please always ask us.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”12. What sex is required?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Both male and female[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”13. Can I resign and shift to another job or country?” clr=”#10b6e0″]You are bound by the contract terms and country specific laws. It is normally advisable to complete your contract as the work visa is company specific in certain countries. The company can cancel it and you become an illegal immigrant.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”14. Can I go to work and pay the input fees from my salary?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Normally this not allowed. However, we have arrangements with some banks where this is done. However, you must satisfy the bank criteria.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”15. Can I take my family along?” clr=”#10b6e0″]This is not allowed[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”16. How long is the contract?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Normally two years[/accordion_son][/accordion_father]

[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” description=”PARENTS/GUARDIANS” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”]
[accordion_father][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”17. How do I communicate with my child?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Through phones. They are entitled to them. However, its advisable to communicate outside working hours.

  1. A valid passport with at least six months to expire.
  2. 20 Passport photos against a white background
  3. 4 full size photos against a white background (in formal wear)
  4. Original academic documents e.g S.4, S.6,Certificate,Diploma & Degree
  5. Recommendation letters from previous employers & discharge letters
  6. Vetting letters (with stamps from LC1 & DISO)

[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”18. In case of any problem can the company immediately bring my child back?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The contract terms and conditions have details on all such issues. You need to familiarize with the terms to see through the contract and avoid breach of either party.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”19. Can I get the refund back if my child fails to get the job?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, you can but after at least three months. Terms and conditions will apply.[/accordion_son][/accordion_father][inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” description=”FOREIGN PARTNER AGENCIES” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”]

[accordion_father][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”20. How long does it take to deploy?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Routine jobs in the database within days. These include security, cleaners, laborers etc. However; unique jobs that require efforts to recruit; at least a month.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”21. Can you supply the required numbers in time?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes; subject to No.2 above.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”22. Can you guarantee the workers through the probation period?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The guarantee period is standard of six months except maids of three months.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”23. Can you pay the commission fees as scheduled?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes of course[/accordion_son][/accordion_father]
[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” description=”FOREIGN DIRECT EMPLOYERS” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”]
[accordion_father][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”24. Can you supply labour to employers?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, we can. Actually, we are more comfortable dealing with direct employers.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”25. Can you supply labour in time?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Absolutely once we agree on the timelines.[/accordion_son][/accordion_father]
[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” description=”GENERAL QUESTIONS” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”]
[accordion_father][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”26. What is the recruitment process in Uganda?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The candidate has to be cleared by Interpol and government then allowed to travel. The minimum period is a month for a fresh candidate. However, those who come earlier are cleared through the process awaiting travel.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”27. Are there professional workers in Uganda?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, in plenty[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”28. What is human trafficking?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, or receipt of persons by improper means (such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion) for an improper purpose including forced labour or sexual exploitation[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”29. How can one avoid being trafficked?” clr=”#10b6e0″]

  1. Be Vigilant Of Your Surroundings. Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. …
  2. Avoid Walking Alone. Women have been forcibly kidnapped while walking on the street. …
  3. Act Swiftly If Suspicious. …
  4. Don’t Trust Easily. …
  5. Use Social Media Wisely. …
  6. Be Ready For Anything. …
  7. Use Your Phone. …
  8. Trust Your Instincts.

[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”30. How do I proof that a recruitment company is genuine?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Check for its registration certificate, association membership, office existence in an open place with a clear sign post. If still in doubt contact the Ministry of Labour ,Gender and Social Development.[/accordion_son][/accordion_father]

[inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” title=”B. DOMESTIC WORKERS” description=”GENERAL” color_title=”#43017d” font_size_title=”20px” line_height_title=”20px”][accordion_father][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”31. Who is a domestic worker?” clr=”#10b6e0″]According to ILO convention No. 189; Migrant domestic workers (also known as foreign home care workers, foreign domestic workers, foreign domestic helpers, transnational domestic workers, foreign domestic employees, overseas domestic workers and domestic migrant workers) are, a person who is hired to carry out household chores in the employer’s home.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”32. Is domestic work also work?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes its[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”33. Do domestic workers have rights?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, they have to Human rights just like any other person. According to UN: “Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, without distinction as to race, colour, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. All human rights, whether they are civil and political rights, such as the right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression; economic, social and cultural rights, such as the rights to work, social security and education, or collective rights, such as the rights to development and self-determination are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. The improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others.”[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”34. What are the obligations of a domestic worker?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The general obligations are to carry out routine house quires. In many cases they are employed for specific quires like cleaning or gardening.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”35. To which countries does Uganda export domestic workers?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Currently Saudi Arabia and Jordan. However, the government keeps on adding more countries with time.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”36. If I am mistreated can I run from that home?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Running away is not an option. The first step is to talk to your employer, if it fails to call the local office or home (UGANDA) office or to go to the office. If it’s an emergency then report to police.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”37. How much is salary?” clr=”#10b6e0″]The salary is normally fixed between Uganda and foreign government. It differs from country to country. It must be in the employment contract.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”38. If I am not paid salary what can I do?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Ask from the employer. If it fails report to your local or foreign office by the most appropriate means like phone. Salary should be paid according to the contract terms otherwise it’s a breach of contract.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”39. How long is domestic work contract?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Normally two years[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”40. Are there any implications if I choose not to complete my contract?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, that is a breach of contract. There are normally penalties to pay. Most countries will ban you from going back.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”41. Do I have medical insurance?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, this is a must[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”42. Can my employer/sponsor give me to another boss?” clr=”#10b6e0″]No unless with the consent of the recruitment agency with your consent[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”43. What are the typical challenges of foreign domestic workers?” clr=”#10b6e0″]From experience they include:

  1. Working beyond contract hours
  2. Delayed salary
  3. Denial or over restriction on communication back home
  4. Slow cultural appreciation for example dress code and restriction of movement.

[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”44. How much do I pay to get work for domestic work?” clr=”#10b6e0″]It’s free.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”45. How long does the process take to travel?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Minimum of two months[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”46. What is GCC medical?” clr=”#10b6e0″]It’s a mandatory medical test as approved by the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. Certain medical tests must be done.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”47. Who is a sponsor?” clr=”#10b6e0″]This is your employer[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”48. Can I fall in love abroad with house member?” clr=”#10b6e0″]No this is not allowed[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”49. Can I do family planning before I leave for work abroad?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Its optional[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”20″ title=”50. After successful completion of my contract, can I still go back to work?” clr=”#10b6e0″]Yes, contract completion is a pre requisite for contract renewal[/accordion_son][/accordion_father]