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Overview Of Gardening

Well, look no further because Explorer Dubai Ltd has a vast stable of gardeners who will be able to cater to your needs. As all people now know, climate change has a massive effect on business and how we live as a species. The world is no longer safe, so gardeners are now becoming more and more critical. 

This need is especially so in light of the businesses and offices (biophilic design) going green as a response to a world currently under the environmental consciousness, environmentally speaking. 

It’s a challenging new world order. So, you need to stay ahead of the curve by employing gardeners who ensure your place in the new scheme of things is secure and profitable. There is also the aspect of producing and harvesting crops to boost agriculture, making up a sizeable portion of global economies. Gardeners, like farmers, are every instrument in this sense. 

However, gardeners go a little further for the corporate world by beautifying offices and landscapes that add an aesthetic feel essential to appeal to customers. Yes, everybody likes office spaces, homes, and general outdoor establishments well-tended by gardeners. Hence having a good gardener to employ can only mean that your business, work, or even home will be a little more appealing than the rest who do not have the same. 

Why Gardening?

Thriving and productive gardens, especially vegetable ones, don’t just happen. They are the result of planning, preparation, and persistence. These three Ps are vital in ensuring that your organic/ordinary garden will produce higher yields and add value to your endeavours year after year. As a subtext of those three letters is the letter A, that’s for attention. This needs to be paid to what works well in your garden and what doesn’t. Attention to detail concerning your garden, the A puts the “guard” in the word garden and thereby protects it from any adverse natural or environmental effects. With this in mind, we realize that gardening is a process undergoing constant change. This change requires our dynamism in meeting this change partway to achieve results all the way. 

So, we tend to favour organic gardening over ordinary gardening as the new wave of the future. One of the things about organic gardening is that it is a continual learning curve. So, when you go organic, you have to keep an open mind and grow with your efforts. By committing the time and effort required, you will literally and metaphorically reap the rewards of all the meticulous care you have put into creating a garden. In addition, this process benefits buds into the benefits of eating fresh, chemical-free, live foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

As you can see, gardening has already boosted your physical and mental well-being from just reading the benefits related to that! However, as we shall find, there’s more than the health benefits of gardening provide to every gardener who rolls up their sleeves. And exercises by being in the sun (vitamin D) and thereby enjoying the fresh air. Gardening is a uniquely beneficial undertaking as it ensures that gardeners, you inclusive, will be able to go outside and collect what you want for your meal.  We must add a healthy meal at that.  

There is also a sense of community nurtured by interacting with other people in the garden; this leads to stress/anxiety release, which is a significant health benefit. That’s on a micro level. On a macro level, when one is gardening, they get to recycle organic materials, and they thus leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

You see, we at Explorer Dubai are huge on the idea and the reality of eco-friendliness. It is key to our work since it promotes sustainability, which can parlay into the continuity of your business. It is also true that ordinary gardening is critical to us too. We know that ordinary and organic gardening is different because organic gardeners harmonize with nature by using natural and organic materials and practices. 

This nature of gardening is more important to us as it helps us avoid synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. These chemicals are hazardous to the life of our planet and, ultimately, ourselves. We use organic gardening to be as kind to our health and the environment as possible; this provides a holistic approach to gardening. This holistic approach, in turn, rubs off on our lives and our workplaces. 

As you’re aware, offices are green. This approach promotes modern businesses where all elements and their interaction with other factors are observed and considered to improve team member wellbeing. Further, it also sets a green certification for a business.

Gardening Methods

The gardeners we provide you with are modern in their outlooks and work. Hence, they tend to use simple methods and techniques in their (and your) gardens as nature weighs in on the side of our good practices. 

It’s always a win-win situation. Back to the methods: No-Dig plots (encourages earthworms and micro-flora). 

Did somebody say, “that’s healthy? 

Yes, we agree. It is very healthy and eco-friendly. We also use Raised beds (to improve drainage and soil conditions). You get the idea now; we are improving the environment one garden at a time. 

We also use Companion planting (encouraging beneficial insects and vigorous growth). This process provides equilibrium to the environment, which will extend our lives and business as we shall do more business by staying alive! 

Composting (providing nutrient-rich humus), yes…yes! You see, the N-word (nutrients, not that other N-word). Its benefits are certainly not niggardly when it comes to improving the environment. 

We employ Liquid fertilizers (feeding our plants), this is with water. Yet, not with chemicals, but with water, and related to this, we also use Organic sprays (protecting plants without chemicals).

Gardening is also about choosing the right location; we strongly discourage gardening in green zones designated and gazetted because they must be protected, such as wetlands. 

Our organic practices and methods are reflective of the superiority and quality of our gardeners. 

They set new standards in organic gardening by trying what’s new while cleaving to what is accepted as vital to providing health and protecting our ecosystem. 

Food Security

Our gardeners are the foot soldiers in marching the world to greater food security. By propagating plants from seed, which nature does all the time, our gardeners ensure that this is done for your and our benefit. 

We all agree that most seeds have specific basic requirements to germinate successfully. 


Let us see these requirements: the right amount of moisture, warmth, air, and light, although most will germinate in the morning or dark. Our gardeners use small and large seeds, but the latter can usually be successfully sown outside, directly in your garden beds. 

We also recommend, for smaller seeds, that you give them the best start by sowing them under glass or in seedling trays or pots. We are talking about greenhouses being used to reduce greenhouse emissions, see? Once your seeds have germinated, light is essential for healthy growth. This is food security 101. 

In the tropics, namely Uganda, we have an idea of the best time of year to sow particular seeds for our different areas. These times usually favour gardening in the way the weather patterns can arrange after our best-laid plans. 

To pull this off, our gardeners are a collaborative group. They talk to each other to learn how best they may reap from the changing weather, different seasons, and soil composition. For example, suppose an area suffers from aridness throughout the rainy and dry seasons. In that situation, it is best to leave sowing in that area for another area. Or if one is to sow seeds in such an incident, placing around-the-clock attention to, say, vegetables until they grow into the benefits, you hope to achieve. 

Our gardeners are excellent at working in different places nonetheless. Still, if you have a glasshouse or favourable (controlled) weather inside, it will be of more significant benefit. 

The idea is that the best practice of your farming translates into food security for you and the world you live in. The Covid-19 pandemic changed many livelihoods, especially in Africa, towards gardening as a reliable way to make money while staying safe. 

Why Gardeners?

Well, we’ve told you about the environmental, and health benefits. When it comes to food security, we’ve told you the common-sense importance of gardening. This is especially pertinent in this pandemic era. Our gardeners will help you navigate the worst impacts not only of the pandemic but of any vagaries in cultivation and agricultural production. 

They know the tropical weather and, thanks to their exposure, know that some plants are meant to be grown through the winter, such as most peas and beans, onions, and many root crops. However, some plants will cope with milder winters, so they (our gardeners) will help tailor your location to you. 

That is so regardless of where you are found. Yes, our gardeners are that good. Growing your food and saving the seed is a gratifying activity for you, the economy, and the ecosystem. 

Our gardeners know this, and they also know (practice) good record keeping as one of the most important aspects of organic gardening. This recording helps a great deal in seed collection and saving.

To our gardeners and us, gardening is not only a pastime; it is an important economic activity.  You can tap into it to grow your business into a viable unit, nurture your home into a beautiful place that you can be proud of and also, gardening is vital in keeping our environment safe. We thus make sure you get the best gardeners out there. 

The Competencies Of Our Gardeners

The number one competency of our gardeners is their willingness to go that extra mile for their customers, whether literally or metaphorically, with no additional cost or hassle to our customers. 

They exhibit a level of professionalism that is underlined by the spirit of service above self. So they are patient, obedient, calm, and well-mannered, and tailored to your business. More specifically, however, the qualities of our safe and competent gardeners are:

  • critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of their characteristics, attitudes, and behaviour, which is essential in them bettering themselves
  • concentration and good observation;
  • continuously matching the vehicle’s direction and speed to the
  • changing conditions;
  • skilful use of gardening tools.

Our gardeners can quickly adapt to emergency services when the need arises, and they are thus exemplary. Their attitude towards gardening is critical. If such an attitude is good for gardening, it is suitable for society as a whole.  

Our Promise

We go all the way to search and recruit those quality gardeners who understand the benefits of gardening. But, to maximize this understanding, they need soft skills to go with their technical skills. And these soft skills are: 

  • multi-tasking – being able to carry out several demanding tasks at the same time and with equal accuracy and efficiency;
  • alertness and total commitment – being vigilant and remaining focused to execute each task to the hilt while foreseeing and forestalling potential hazards early and leaving nothing to chance;
  • attention distribution – our gardeners are experts at splitting their attention across all aspects of gardening;
  • situational awareness – our gardeners use all their senses to build up an accurate mental picture of the operational environment, what the customers need, and what they should do to respond to the same;
  • anticipation – using their observational skills and gardening experience, our gardeners know how to anticipate what the customer needs and ensure that what is required is done efficiently and effectively; 
  • planning – our gardeners also use their planning precisely to make rapid and accurate decisions throughout the task at hand; they are also recording keepers. This attribute helps them execute plans effectively. 
  • making judgments – when it comes to making judgment calls, our gardeners are brilliant at judging situations accurately and taking the best, cheapest, and most appropriate action.

Did You Know That Our Gardeners Come Straight From Their Ugandan Gardens To Your Garden?

  • We vet only gardeners for the job
  • Our gardeners have a spotless work record. That’s because we check each gardener’s history for form and action. 
  • We check and crosscheck for the skillset and behaviour of our gardeners.
  • Of course, the health habits of our gardeners must gel with the highest traditions of quality service. 
  • The ability to communicate with those you serve is premium, so our gardeners must be good communicators. 
  • And our gardeners must be agriculturally savvy. Soils and cultivation related to it can be stubborn, and the gardener must know the primary treatment of the same.

Minimum Qualifications For Gardeners

All applicants must have an extensive history in farming or gardening. 

This experience must have been practical out there in the gardens. They are battle-hardened.

How It Works
How To recruit Gardeners From Us

Step One

  • Schedule a free consultation now! Or
  • Call us today or
  • WhatsApp now or
  • Book Online
  • Tell us the required:
  • Quantity
  • Required date
  • Country
  • Salary range
  • Other employment benefits

We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step Two

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step Three

  • We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:
  • Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue 
  • Through Skype
  • We shall carry out necessary government clearances
  • We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.
  • If practical interviews are required; we shall:
  • Arrange and provide testing in their proficiencies 
  • Arrange the examination room, facilities and invigilators 
  • Arrange with the security agencies and provide security for visitors, participants and the venue.

What Our Clients Say

alaphat ssekubulwaalaphat ssekubulwa
12:27 12 Oct 22
Most trustable in bridging the employment gap.
Sandra namu ugandaSandra namu uganda
15:54 06 Sep 22
Best company ever! There’s no better company than Explorer Dubai limited. I used it four years ago am so happy even just planning to visit home since 2018. I remember when I have finished three years this side I got a call asking me if am okay or there is any problem .thanks for the care.
Great customer care.. n legit works.. n genuine company for what it advertises to do
Kaps TimKaps Tim
11:33 16 Jun 22
There’s no better company than this in Uganda.
They are organise but very slow


How much does it cost?

Our recruitment is ideally free.

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We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

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