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How To Get Taxi Driver Vacancies That Will Make That Trip Memorable Forever Overview

Do you want to travel, but can’t find a bus near you? Or maybe you have insufficient money to hire a private car at some moment. Instead, you might want to call a taxi driver, which would be a fantastic decision. 

Impressive, yes, marvellous! Here is the secret. Taxis are convenient means of public transport. Not so much bureaucracy is involved. 

Taxi drivers are unique; they will drive you almost to the doormat of your house. If it is your wish, taxi drivers can drive along undesignated routes. 

Very convenient, aren’t they? And yet they charge a fair fare. 

The beauty of taxis is that you can hire one as an individual or for a group. Of course, this will be determined by the type of taxi you need and the number of people it is meant to carry.

In Uganda, one can book a taxi from any taxi park, or an individual can stand along the road and wait for any cab that comes by. This sounds funny but very true. 

Anyhow, the best way to book a seat in a taxi is to call its driver ahead of time. You probably won’t call any random driver. You probably want to call the best taxi driver so you can have an enjoyable journey.

So who do you call? 

That is simple. Explore Dubai Limited is here to inform you that we have everything it takes to sort you out with the best taxi drivers. So contact us today, and we will right be there at your service. 

This is what a taxi driver does… 

A taxi driver transports passengers in a car, van, or limousine from one place to another. Taxi drivers operate at designated sites. Passengers may have luggage, and the taxi driver drives them along with their luggage. 

A taxi driver may drive their car or work for a company. These companies always hire various taxi drivers to drive taxis. A passenger can hire a car by calling a company’s central dispatcher or simply finding a cab on the streets. These passengers then pay taxi fares to the taxi drivers; the taxi drivers fix the fares according to the distance of a passenger’s destination. 

Taxi driver vacancies For Ugandans

Taxi Driver Vacancies Duties And Responsibilities

Taxi drivers generally perform the following duties and responsibilities: 

They must also ensure that the taxi is in good mechanical condition. Before starting any journey, drivers must first check the lighting system of the bus, the tyres, the engine and the oil. When they do, well, that would pretty much be commendable.

Taxi drivers safely transport people from one location to another. There are designated routes along which drivers must drive. Some passengers might want to get out when they reach their destination along the road. Taxi drivers have a responsibility to let them out. A passenger may board the taxi at some point along the road or street. 

Taxi drivers have a responsibility to abide by traffic laws and safety procedures. Taxi drivers have a responsibility to respect traffic police officers and respect road signs. If any taxi driver violates these laws, he would be putting his life and the passengers at stake. That would be bad, really, very bad.

They ensure that there is no violent conduct by passengers. When passengers seem to be engaged in some conflict or malicious gossip, the taxi driver has to ensure that harmony prevails again. The driver has to be impartial when settling disputes.

Taxi drivers communicate with passengers about safety issues, delays, or other issues while travelling along a given route. Bus drivers should be polite enough to the passengers or traffic police officers.

It is the responsibility of the taxi driver to help special needs people board the taxi by aiding their movement to the inside of the cab. 

It is the responsibility of the drivers to collect the taxi fares and issue receipts to the passengers. Receipts are an excellent tool for proper record-keeping. Receipts also save the driver and passenger from conflicting in case of a misunderstanding on whether or how much payment was made. 

Taxi driver drivers pick up and drop off travellers at designated places. The driver has to understand the different places found along the road. The driver should know which passenger is going where. 

They receive calls about pickup assignments. If you have travelled by taxi, you must have seen the driver speak on the phone; they always talk to clients about when and where to pick them up. 

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that passengers who have medical emergencies get first aid as soon as possible. Drivers should then arrange to drop the sick person at a health facility. 

Drivers of taxis have the task of making some repairs whenever needed. Therefore, every driver must have some basic knowledge of mechanics. If any mechanical breakdown occurs in the car, they should do some repairs as they arrange to take the cab to a trained mechanic. 

Taxi driver vacancies
Taxi driver vacancies

Taxi Driver Vacancies Job Qualifications

The formal training requirements for a taxi driver vary depending on the country in which one lives, so people applying for this job should possess at least a diploma. Taxi drivers are expected to have good training in driving practice. Drivers are expected to possess a driving permit and commercial driving licence. 

In Uganda, several driving schools offer driver training at different stages. These are Prestige Driving School, Precious Driving School, Legacy Driving School, Djembe Driving School Ltd., J & K Driving School, Bugolobi Driving School, Kampala Institute of Driving and Mechanics, Lakeside Driving School, Ruhinda Advanced Driving School, EDS Driving, Blick International Riding Academic, and very many others. 

Drivers can enrol for a driving course at these institutions and secure a job in the taxi industry afterwards. 

On top of these, drivers must possess the abilities and skills shown below.

Taxi Driver Skills And Competencies

Taxi drivers must possess the following skills and abilities to perfect the taxi driving job. 

Drivers must possess excellent interpersonal skills to interact with their passengers but with respect freely. Moreover, because passengers come from different political, social and economic backgrounds, taxi drivers must tolerate every traveller.

Taxi drivers must also exhibit excellent communication skills. A driver has to communicate any arising concerns to the passengers. This is because there are several safety issues along the road which the passengers may not be aware of.

They are also required to have hand-eye coordination skills. Drivers must remember that they are carrying many people whose lives are so important. So, drivers should value the passengers’ lives by maintaining excellent hand-eye coordination while driving the taxi.

Taxi drivers must be energetically strong. This phenomenon is because they drive for long hours and sometimes get exhausted, especially in the evening. That’s why they need to be of good stamina. Some drivers even stop along the roads to pick up passengers, which can make them feel exhausted. 

They must have skills in paying attention to detail since they interact with a lot of passengers and carry their luggage. For example, a driver should be able to know which luggage belongs to which traveller to avoid confusion, especially when travellers are getting out of the bus. 

Taxi drivers must have stress management skills—the task of driving a taxi all day long comes with a lot of stressful moments. The fatigue caused by going for long hours is very unbearable. Sometimes, some passengers may conduct themselves inappropriately towards the bus driver, which may annoy them. That is stressful. Therefore, taxi drivers are always encouraged to withstand all the day’s stress. They must learn skills of self-control. 

Taxi drivers must be excellent time managers. They should first of all value the time of their passengers. Making delays along the route without a clear explanation to the travellers is inappropriate for the driver. 


must be able to lift luggage that weighs at least twenty-five (25) kilograms because passengers travel with luggage and therefore require the driver’s assistance to place the bags in an appropriate place.

Taxi driver vacancies
Taxi driver vacancies

Our Promise To You On Taxi Driver Vacancies

We are committed to ensuring that our taxi drivers are competent enough to execute any tasks that may be assigned to them. Still, we also ensure that they front the customers’ interests. We, therefore, assess them for competencies such as the following

Understanding the job requirements, more so the needs and interests of the customers.  

Communication and interpersonal skills are very crucial in relating with supervisors, passengers or even their fellow bus drivers

Critical thinking is one way to boost their innovativeness in executing duties with ease, but most importantly, with perfection. 

Why You Should Trust Our Taxi Drivers For Taxi Driver Vacancies

We vet only reliable taxi drivers for the job

All our taxi drivers have a clean track record. So we check their history for records and action. 

We crosscheck for the taxi driver’s proficiencies, competencies and behaviour.

We ensure that the moralities of our taxi drivers match the standards of quality service. 

The ability to communicate with those they serve is critical, so our bus drivers must be good communicators. 

Our taxi drivers understand what it takes to produce quality work, so we ensure that they master every aspect to be mastered. 

Minimum Qualifications For Taxi Driver Vacancies

Our applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications for qualifying as taxi drivers. 

Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Applicants must have a valid national ID.

Applicants must have at least an ordinary-level certificate.

Applicants must be able to obtain a Ugandan passport

Applicants must at least have one year of working experience. 

Previous employers and references will be checked and must be verifiable.

Applicants must show stable work history and good references (for experienced taxi drivers no more than three employers in the last year.)

How It Works
How To Recruit Taxi Drivers From Us

Step 1

Schedule a free consultation now! Or

Call us today or

WhatsApp now or

Book Online

Tell us the required:


Required date


Salary range

Other employment benefits.


We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step 2

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection.

Step 3

We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:

Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue.

Through Skype

We shall carry out necessary government clearances.

We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.


If practical interviews are required; we shall:

Arrange and provide testing in their proficiencies 

Arrange the examination room, facilities and invigilators.

Arrange with the security agencies and provide security for visitors, participants and the venue.

Pricing Taxi Driver Vacancies

Our recruitment is ideally free.

However, we also know the international labour market is diversified with each country’s specific labour requirements and laws. Therefore, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you so desire.

We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We are so confident; you will love our taxi drivers. We offer a 100% three-month performance guarantee. If any of our taxi drivers do not fulfil your satisfaction, we replace that work if you so desire. 

Call To Action

We know it is stressful to source a reliable worker to match your interests and vision. And because we know that a good taxi driver gives you peace of mind by doing the things that set you at ease.

Schedule a free consultation now! Or

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