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Hiring Teachers Abroad, Employment match-maker – placing Nursery Teachers into vacant roles, saving a client company the hassle and time spent finding suitable candidates themselves. We help and prepare English teachers to land their dream roles, and businesses to solve their English teaching needs.

How Hiring Teachers Abroad From Uganda Prepares A Good Future Citizen

Hiring Teachers Abroad Overview

Over the years, Nursery Schools have changed and developed so much that a minor revolution has occurred. There were a handful of nurseries, and today there are over 7,212 Nursery schools in the 135 Districts of Uganda. 

Today a typical nursery school in Uganda has seven classes; students are enrolled from Playgroup (two years old) to Pre-Primary (six years old) levels.

The nursery may have several students with an 18-person teaching staff, making the teacher-pupil ratio conducive to learning, effective monitoring of individual child progress, and student group work. 

This ratio is about 1:12, following the Government of Uganda and international standards.

This shows that this younger institution has come a long way, indeed. There was a time when nurseries were very few, but the Nursery School teacher’s function has grown with their growth in numbers. 

This function is now an inextricable link in the education value chain, chiefly as a purveyor of information or moral training to impressionable children. 

However, there is more. 

This is especially so with the Infant School teacher taking on a variety of other functions and thereby serving as an essential factor in our children’s formative years. 

 No, we are not talking about the nineteen-twenties where Infant teachers stood in front of their classes instructing and exhorting playfully. So the children could feel the teacher’s warm humanity of the teacher. 

Things have changed. 

These days, classes are more interactive, yet it is never easy trying to settle hyperactive children while trying to achieve the formidable task of securing uniformly good results from all children of the whole class. 

Visual aids and oral lessons, usually short, are interspersed with periods of physical activity to channel the children’s energies toward making the class exciting.

The teacher’s time and energy are devoted to the double act of keeping the momentum going; while holding back the brighter children sufficiently to allow the more average ones to maintain the pace. 

Yes, sir, it is a delicate balance that requires skill and alertness from the nursery school teacher. 

Role Of The Nursery School Teachers, Hiring Teachers Abroad from Uganda

Apart from teaching, which is a prominent role, nursery school teachers must be self-correcting. And have the right temperament to steward young children with genuine love and respect for those children. 

They must also have imaginative understanding, empathy, sympathy and emotional balance when dealing with children and beyond. 

Explorer Dubai provides nursery school teachers who deliver to our clients and know-how to create the general atmosphere of the life of the classroom in favour of learning and pupil convenience. 

This atmosphere is essentially an extension of the personality of our teachers. 

The importance of caring for and nurturing the children comes first. But, at the same time, these qualities of the teacher are next in importance for the child. 

After all, it would be best if you never forgot that the teacher has the most fundamental, far-reaching and direct influence outside the child’s home.

We ensure that this influence leads to a happy child who is open to learning and serves as the nursery bed, pun unintended, of society. 

Hiring Teachers Abroad

Qualities Of Our Teachers, Hiring Teachers Abroad From Uganda

As stated above, the teacher plays a vital role in ensuring the child grows into a good student and, later, a good citizen. To do this, the teacher must exhibit the following qualities:

  • An Enabler: Our teachers are experts at creating a suitable environment in which children blossom into the flowers of a great education system. So the materials s/he uses to educate are of paramount importance. However, the teacher as a person is still the most crucial factor in the environment. As enablers, teachers must have the personality, quality of mind and uncontrived respect for the individuality of each child. This must go hand in glove with understanding the children’s needs that teachers bring to their work. Such work is defined as guiding, directing and nurturing. It is set to have a profound influence on the child’s growth and development. 
  • Patient and cooperative: Our good, progressive teachers recognise exploring their imaginations to broaden the children. Through tinkering and experimenting, the teacher learns and expresses the practical preliminary steps towards more definite purposes and achievements on behalf of the child. Indeed, this speaks to a teacher’s passion for understanding the child in a non-judgmental manner without the overbearingness of being overly strict. For this deprives the children of the joys of discovering things for themselves. Our teachers do not consider time wasted by allowing children to be children, thereby laying a foundation for their growth and development. 
  • Careful and conscientious:  Our teachers are always on the lookout for what benefits the children. That’s why they make detailed plans for teaching.  These plans, as said earlier, are tailored to the garment of child education as the teacher frequently changes methods to fit the interests and needs of the children. 
  • We all know that a good teacher must provide balance. This consists of a carefully and consistently thought out and executed balance between respecting the purposes of children and giving necessary help, guidance and control. It can be a delicate balance, one where many teachers fail to rise to the occasion. However, our teachers are different. At Explorer Dubai, we insist that our instructors lay down principles that guide them frequently and vividly when teaching. These principles inform practice toward progressive education. And what are these principles? Well, they are not pluralised into principles as they follow one code. And that is the teacher’s responsibility for finding the conditions which stimulate self-educative activity among the children. This speaks to the importance of cooperating with the children and laying down procedures so that increased learning will result. This will also have the by-product of clear-eyed guidance, away from the educational ruins of adult domination. 
  • Our teachers at Explorer Dubai are adept at such guidance. Through the initiation of many activities, our teachers play an active yet hands-off role. Here, more than anywhere else, the teacher should wait for the children’s responses, not being a mere passive agent of education. But by actively preparing an environment that abounds with various stimuli to activity. 
  • Our teachers know the importance of doing their jobs. While seemingly taking a backseat children must never be hounded, harassed or dictated to, or they will hide away in their personality shells and become unresponsive. 

Additionally, And specifically, Our Teachers Have The Following Personal Qualities:

  1. Attentive, jolly and forthcoming in expression and manner.
  2. They display self-control and formidable organisational ability amidst the vagaries and compulsions of classroom demands.
  3. Our teachers are so fun; they could pass for comedians with their child-appropriate sense of humour.
  4. Our teachers are self-critical and honest to themselves and thereby admit their own mistakes graciously.
  5. In helping children, they are consistently fair and impartial.

Our Teachers Have Professional Qualities To Match The Young Ones:

  1. They also provide planned but flexible procedures, thereby anticipating each child’s needs and interests.
  2. Our teachers stimulate pupils through exciting and original material and teaching techniques.
  3. They also conduct well-planned, clear, practical demonstrations and explanations. This is challenging, but our teachers handle this winningly and willingly. 
  4. Our teachers do not double-talk, so they are apparent and thorough in giving directions.
  5. Importantly, our teachers are skilful and empathetic in encouraging pupils to work through their problems and evaluate their work.
  6. Our teachers, although buoyant, reveal a quiet, dignified, positive and fair manner.
  7. Our teachers, as originators, give constructive help to children willingly and enthusiastically.
  8. They are proactive, so they foresee any issues long before they become issues and resolve potential difficulties.

Additionally, This Is What Sets Our Teachers Apart From The Rest Of The Teachers In The Job Market: 

  1. Our teachers are parental in the way they display understanding and sympathy in working with pupils.
  2. By temperament, they are friendly, democratic and courteous in relation to pupils. This means they take into account the children’s feelings and thoughts. They never talk down to or speak at children but talk to them as equals in this endeavour to get the best out of them.
  3. As said earlier, our teachers are empathetic, patient, and helpful and help individual children with personal and educational problems. To our teachers and us, every child is unique. 
  4. Our teachers always encourage and commend the effort and give generous praise for work well done. Children, just like adults, respond to this enthusiastically, and they put in even more effort in their classwork.
  5. Our teachers can anticipate the reactions of others in social situations. Hence, they are responsive to what is going on around them. This means child care is prioritised not only by a teacher who is doing their job well but a teacher who knows the price of child care and freedom is eternal vigilance.   
  6. In tune with this, number 5, our teachers encourage others to do their best with a prime eye on raising children who are the pride of any society.

Qualifications Of Hiring Teachers Abroad

To work with Explorer Dubai as a teacher, you will need to have a degree, diploma, or degree in nursery teaching, regardless of your teaching level. A degree in humanities will also help while having teaching experience in at least one school, at least one year experience, and you must be fluent in the written and spoken word (English). However, this is just a broad stroke of what you need; some more details are provided below: 

The Competencies Of Our English Teachers

The number one competency of our teachers is their willingness to go that extra mile for their kids while emphasising the importance of their becoming proficient every inch of the way. 

They exhibit a level of professionalism that is underlined by the spirit of service above self. So they are patient, obedient, calm, well-mannered and tailored to your scholastic needs. 

Hiring Teachers Abroad

More Specifically, However, The Best Practices Of Our Teachers Come From:

  • critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of their personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviour, which are necessary for being effective teachers;
  • Updating themselves on the latest trends in teaching.
  • awareness of their limitations and those of their students to surmount the same. 
  • awareness of the challenges which face students’ 
  • concentration and good observation;
  • continuously matching their skills and competencies with the best teachers anywhere 

Our teachers can quickly adapt to extracurricular academics when the need arises; they thus may make a connection with the students on a deeper level. This helps both understand their challenges and how to overcome them.  

Their attitude towards their teaching is critical.  Our teachers love nothing more than to pick up their proverbial chalk and teach their students than they are. 

Our drivers are aware that they are seen as role models in their field and can thereby influence the behaviour of their students for the better. 

This is what we call the knock-on effect of our services: If other teachers are devoted to their work, have courteous attitudes, friendliness with their students and have obvious concern for the care of the students, a special will form a special bond towards solid learning. 

Task-Specific Competencies For The Operational Effectiveness Of Our Teachers.

These are:

  • multi-tasking – being able to carry out several demanding teaching tasks at the same time and with equal accuracy and efficiency;
  • alertness and total commitment – being vigilant and remaining focused to execute each task to the hilt while foreseeing and forestalling potential hazards early and leaving nothing to chance;
  • attention distribution – our teachers are experts at splitting their attention across all classroom settings and syllabi. 
  • situational awareness – our teachers use all their senses to build up an accurate mental picture of the needs of their academic environment, fully aware that their children are vastly different in their learning capacities. 
  • anticipation – using their observational skills and teaching experience, our teachers know how to anticipate their children’s needs and ensure that what is needed is done efficiently and effectively; 
  • planning – our teachers are also planners who use their planning precisely for making rapid and accurate decisions throughout the task at hand;
  • making judgments – when it comes to making judgment calls, our teachers are brilliant at judging situations accurately and taking the best and most appropriate action informed by their superior knowledge of the classroom setting and the English language. 

Why We Have The Best Database For The Best Nursery Teachers

We vet only reliable teachers for the job

Our teachers have a spotless teaching record. That’s because we check each teacher’s driving history for records and actions. 

We check and crosscheck for the English proficiencies and behaviour of our teachers.

Of course, the moralities of our teachers must gel with the highest traditions of quality service. 

The ability to communicate with those you teach is at a premium, so our teachers must be good communicators. 

And our teachers must know that English is an evolving language whose every nuance they must master. 

Minimum Qualifications For Nursery Teachers

All applicants will meet the following minimum qualifications for nursery teaching:

Applicants shall be at least 21 years old

Applicants must have either a diploma, degree or masters in education. 

Applicants must provide no less than one year of teaching children 

Previous employers and references shall be checked and must be verifiable

Applicants must show stable work history and good references (for experienced teachers no more than three employers in the last year)

How It Works
How To Recruit Receptionists From Us

Step One

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We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step Two

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step Three

  • We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:
  • Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue 
  • Through Skype
  • We shall carry out necessary government clearances
  • We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.
  • If practical interviews are required; we shall:
  • Arrange and provide testing in teaching proficiencies 
  • Arrange the examination room, facilities and invigilators 

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