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 Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigners Overview

Fruits are a great diet that everyone should have at least once a day. 

With their rich food value in them and their sweet taste, fruits are increasingly being grown worldwide. 

But What does it mean in the world of labour? First, the increase in the number of fruit farms creates a shortage of labour. 

The point here is there is so much demand for people to go and work on farms overseas. 

The most available jobs on the fruit farms are harvesters or fruit pickers. 

Are you a fruit picker? Or, do you need fruit pickers? Well, let us see.

Explore Dubai Limited comes in to get you sorted. We are very excited to introduce you to the fruit-picking process.

So, Let’s Look At What Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigners Is And What They Do.

Simply put, a fruit picker is a person employed to remove fruits from plants or trees when they are ripe or ready for harvest. Much as fruit pickers can refer to tools used to remove fruits from the plants, let us limit ourselves to people for this discussion. 

Because fruits are very delicate, we must take extra care when harvesting them. This requirement brings the aspect of recruiting skilled and committed fruit pickers. And that is what we at Explore Dubai Limited do best! 

As we have just mentioned, harvesting fruits is not like any other. It involves quite a skill, as shown below;

  • Grasping, twisting and pulling fruits from the plants (trees). 
  •  Sniping the stems of the trees 
  •  Shaking trees to ensure that the fruits are separated from the plants.
  •  Putting the fruits into bags, baskets, buckets, trays, or other items used to gather the fruits. 
  • In a bid to ease the harvesting process, fruit pickers may decide to embark on 
  •  Standing on ladders or any raised platform to easily pick the fruits. 
  •  Crawling along rows of the fruit farm to reach the fruits they want. 
  •  Stooping over the trees or plants to access the fruits. 
  •  Position handheld vibrating devices against branches of bushes to shake fruits that are ready from the branches. 


What Fruits Are Available For Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigners For Picking?

Depending on where the fruit picking job is, there are several fruits available to be harvested in different places of the world. The gathering methods vary according to the type of fruits being picked. Fruit pickers only need to learn to be able to learn how to choose a variety of fruits. These fruits are pineapples, mangoes, avocados, passion fruits, jackfruits, apples, beetroots, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, coconuts, soursops, plums, mulberries, tangerine, pecans, pawpaws, cranberries, apricots, blackcurrants, guavas, cherimoyas, plantain, sugar-apple, and many others. 

Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner, Fruit Pickers jobs abroad for Ugandans

Duties and Responsibilities For Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner

  •  The core duty of fruit pickers is to harvest, sort and gather fruits using their hands or tools designed for the task. Fruit pickers pluck fruits from the trees. They then do the sorting before picking the fruits in baskets or any other container suitable for gathering them. 
  •  They are also responsible for sorting good fruits from damaged and contaminated ones. This is aimed at having appropriate products for distribution to various marketplaces and factories. 
  • It is also the fruit pickers’ responsibility to ensure that they inspect fruits to establish if there are any that have signs of disease, effects of pests and rot. Once they identify fruits affected by the above, the fruit pickers then sort them out of the good ones.
  •  In case there are troublesome pests and signs of decay, fruit pickers are responsible for alerting the farm managers so that a solution can be figured out in time. 
  •  It is the responsibility of fruit pickers to carry the items (also called positions aid) used during the harvesting process. These may include the ladders used for climbing, buckets and baskets for the gathering process. 
  •  They empty filled containers into the boxes before the fruits are collected. 
  •  They are responsible for measuring the gathered fruits using a standard measure. Why standard measure? It would be tiresome to mention the number of mangoes called, for instance. Therefore, fruit pickers should use other measurement means, for example, ten tonnes of lemons, etc.
  •  Fruit pickers are tasked with the response of making a selection of the fruits to be harvested. That depends on the shape, colour and size of the fruits to be harvested. Most fruits change colour and size or even shape. A fruit picker is responsible for determining which fruits are ripe and ready for harvesting and sorting.
  •  They also have the responsibility of dumping the harvested fruits from containers onto trucks, especially during the transportation of the fruits from the farms to the market.

Employment Requirements For Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner

There are no specified formal education and training requirements for one to qualify for a fruit-picking job. However, having an agriculture-related course would be a plus point for any applicant. So, fruit pickers do not necessarily require a college diploma or degree. Fruit pickers always receive on-the-job training on how the whole fruit-picking process goes. 

It’s only prudent that they possess some skills and abilities and some experience in harvesting fruits.

What Are These Skills And Abilities Required For Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner, 


  • Though there are no specific job requirements for fruit pickers, they must possess some skills and abilities to help them execute their tasks without much ado. Any fruit picker is expected to possess the following skills and abilities.
  •  Fruit pickers must have the ability to withstand all sorts of weather in case there is an urgent need to harvest the fruits. Fruit pickers must, for instance, be able to withstand heavy winds and heavy rains. 
  • Some fruits grow on low-lying plants, so fruit pickers must have the strength, but most importantly, the endurance to bend over for quite long hours. This implies that fruit pickers should be healthy enough to withstand all the hardships of bending for too long. Strawberries are one example of fruits that require one to bend while harvesting them. 
  •  They must have the commitment and ability to stand on long ladders and crawl along rows to touch the fruits.
  •  Additionally, fruit pickers must be detail-oriented but also fast and reliable. This helps them pick fruits from the tree with less or no loss. 
  •  Some fruits such as oranges, mangoes, apples, etc., grow on tall trees. Fruit pickers must therefore be able to climb ladders and pick the fruits, after which they are required to place them in the baskets. 
  •  Also, they are expected to be of good health and strength to help them do the harvesting, sorting, and gathering of fruits without much fatigue. In most cases, fruit pickers work all day long, and that is why we say they must be healthy and energetic enough. 
  •  Since most fruit pickers are paid by the bin basket; they must be able to work quickly and efficiently. Often, payment is based on the number of fruits picked, so to be paid a reasonable amount of money, they must ensure that they double their efforts while harvesting the fruits. Although they are expected to work quickly, fruit pickers are not supposed to compromise the quality of the fruits. 
  •  They must have the ability to work with minimal supervision. Much as supervisors are always there to oversee the whole harvesting process, fruit pickers are always encouraged to be self-driven to execute their duties even the supervisors are away. This is an essential requirement for every fruit picker. 
  •  Since fruit pickers, in most cases, work as a team, it is expected that they exhibit excellent interpersonal skills to help them relate well with the rest of the team. He/she should be polite to people and considerate of them by being mindful of other people’s feelings. 

Process For Recruiting Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner

Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner

Step One

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Step Three

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We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.

If practical interviews are required; we shall:

  • Arrange and provide testing in their proficiencies 
  • Arrange the examination room, facilities, and invigilators 
  • Arrange with the security agencies and provide security for visitors, participants, and the venue.

What Our Clients Say

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Great customer care.. n legit works.. n genuine company for what it advertises to do
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They are organise but very slow

Pricing For Fruit Picking Jobs For Foreigner

How Much Does It Cost?

Our recruitment is ideally free.

However, we also know the international labour market is diversified with each country’s specific labour requirements and laws. Therefore, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you so desire.

We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

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We are so confident that you will love our fruit pickers. We offer a 100% three-month performance guarantee. We shall replace any fruit picker that does not satisfy your expectations for free. 

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