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Butcher Jobs Without ExperienceButcher Jobs Without Experience Employment match-maker – placing butchers into vacant roles, saving a client company the hassle and time spent finding suitable butchers themselves. We help and prepare butchers to land their dream roles, and businesses solve their butcher needs

Butcher Jobs Without Experience Overview

Except for vegetarians and those restricted by some beliefs, meat is one of the food items consumed worldwide. 

Because it is sold in many countries, the need for workers in the meat industry has been rising late. 

Okay, let’s say you own a grocery store, slaughterhouse, butchery, or even a fish market. 

You will surely need the services of a butcher. 

As you might already know, butchers can be referred to as meat cutters. 

Meat cutter! Yes, this term leads us to the next question of who a butcher is. 

You Might Want To Ask: Who Is A Butcher? 

Well, as we already noticed, ‘butcher’ and ‘meat cutter’ mean the same. A butcher is a person employed to slaughter animals and sell their meat. In Uganda, a butcher may be self-employed or employed by any business entity: slaughterhouses, grocery stores, supermarkets, fish markets, butcheries, or even big hotels and restaurants.  

Sounds familiar? 

Yes! This is no new job, instead of trade. The butchery trade dates as far back as time immemorial.  

So, what does a butcher exactly do? The answer to this is well presented by Explorer Dubai Limited, your committed servants to getting the best butchers for you.

Butcher Jobs Without Experience Job Description

Primarily, meat cutters are employed to slaughter animals and sell their meats. However, butchers are expected to take on other duties and responsibilities. These are:

Butchers use butchery equipment to cut and prepare meat for consumers. Primarily, this is why you need to hire them.

Related to the above is that butchers take orders from customers and make sure they deliver the meat according to the client’s demands. 

They are responsible for displaying the prices and weight of the meat they sell. 

The package weighs and labels the meat to ease your orders. It saves you the burden of asking them additional questions, right? 

They inspect the meat to ensure that it is safe for consumption. This is intended to make sure you receive meat that is free from any infection.

Butchers provide information to customers; they answer questions from clients.

Also, the butcher must abide by the rules and regulations that guide the butchery trade. 

Butcher Jobs Without Experience

Butcher Jobs Without Experience Job Skills and Abilities

Honestly speaking, being a competent butcher does not require much formal education. Although some butchers have studied food science and technology, it is not a significant prerequisite to going for degrees. All that is needed is experience, skills and abilities like the following:

The nature of a butcher’s job requires that they are efficiently strong. They will be required to stand for long hours and use the butchery tools all day long. 

Butchers are expected to exhibit excellent personal hygiene. The sanitation of the place where they work must also be good and the meat is appropriate to be consumed by clients. 

Attention to detail is a very important ability because it saves you the embarrassment of giving customers what they didn’t order for as.

Butchers are also encouraged to be conscious of their safety. The job entails cutting meat for long hours so that the meat cutter could have an accident. That’s why they need to be extra cautious.

In any field nowadays, effective communication is supreme. Therefore, butchers need to possess excellent skills in oral and written communication. 

Our Promise To Butcher Jobs Without Experience

It takes us a lot of effort and time to search and recruit those who understand the challenge of getting the job done and how it is a practical experience beyond the confines of what they studied in school.

We promise that our butchers will follow several core competencies that serve as the basis of their duty to slaughter animals and sell meat to customers.

It is essential that, before our butchers accept to take on the role, they need to develop several competencies to the highest possible standards and these competencies are:

  1. The knowledge and skills in executing their tasks and interpersonal skills that come with treating clients and customers the best way they should be treated. 
  2. Understanding what is required for the job and customers’ needs and interests, prioritising their clients and customers’ interests. 
  3. The ability to accurately assess their customer behaviour to match their work to the level of competence we demand and that which you expect. 
  4. Physically strong and fit
  5. Medically fit and hygienically super conscious.

Benefits/Features Of Butcher Jobs Without Experience

Why We Have The Best Database Of Butchers Anywhere:

  1. We vet only reliable and hard-working butchers. 
  2. We make sure that we recruit only spotless track record butchers.
  3. Our butchers must be good communicators because we are aware that good communication is a key aspect of this job.
  4. We check and crosscheck for the proficiency and behaviour of our butchers. 
  5. The moralities of our butchers must gel with the highest traditions of quality service. 
  6. Our butchers must know that knowledge of technologies is an evolving reality whose every nuance they must master. 

Minimum Qualifications For Butcher Jobs Without Experience

The applicants shall meet the following minimum qualifications for qualifying as butchers:

The applicants must be at least 21 years old. 

Applicants must have a valid national ID.

Applicants shall be able to obtain a Ugandan passport

Applicants must at least have a one-year working experience.

Previous employers and any references shall be checked and fully verified

Applicants must show stable work history and good references.

Butcher Jobs Without Experience

How It Works
How To Recruit Butchers From Us For Butcher Jobs Without Experience

Step One

Schedule a free consultation now! Or

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Tell us the required:


Required date


Salary range

Other employment benefits

We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step Two

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step Three

We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:

Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue 

Through Skype

We shall carry out necessary government clearances

We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.

Where practical interviews are necessary; we shall:

Arrange and provide testing in their proficiencies 

Arrange the examination rooms, facilities and interviewers 

Arrange with the security agencies, security for visitors, participants and venue.

What Our Clients Say

alaphat ssekubulwaalaphat ssekubulwa
12:27 12 Oct 22
Most trustable in bridging the employment gap.
Sandra namu ugandaSandra namu uganda
15:54 06 Sep 22
Best company ever! There’s no better company than Explorer Dubai limited. I used it four years ago am so happy even just planning to visit home since 2018. I remember when I have finished three years this side I got a call asking me if am okay or there is any problem .thanks for the care.
Great customer care.. n legit works.. n genuine company for what it advertises to do
Kaps TimKaps Tim
11:33 16 Jun 22
There’s no better company than this in Uganda.
They are organise but very slow

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How Much Does It Cost For Butcher Jobs Without Experience?

Our recruitment process is ideally free.

However, we know the international labour market is diversified with each country’s specific labour requirements and laws being different. Consequently, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you to your satisfied.

We take sincere pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our butchers. We offer a 100% three-month performance guarantee. We shall replace for free any butcher that does not satisfy your expectations. 

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We know it is stressful to source a reliable worker to match your interests and vision. And because we know that a good butcher gives peace of mind by doing the things that set you at ease, we are at your service.

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