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There has been over time rampant and dehumanizing scenes of illegal immigrants from Uganda who are trafficked through the neighbouring countries to Europe, Middle East, the gulf and world over. The human trafficking is made often knowingly or unknowingly to unsuspecting victims. Victims are promised a heaven on earth that never leaves them the same but rather lead them to a wish to escape the biting economic hardship and jobs unavailability in the country. The targeted age group is the productive and working class especially the youth who yarn to make ends meet and would do anything to work themselves out of poverty. Unsuspectingly they walk into this illicit trade of human trafficking that often takes them to a path of agony and emotional distress to unfulfilled dreams.

This however can be addressed by endeavouring to reduce human trafficking through legal labour recruitment and export by utilising the available conducive environment that has been created by the supporting Uganda government and the bilateral understanding that it has made with the labour importing countries.

Explorer Dubai Ltd intends to make its humble contribution to restrain this catastrophe by providing an organized avenue to render illegal migrants unnecessary in this global village. Young people and those who wish to work out of their country can now work anywhere and come back home. Job hunting shouldn’t be a do or die affair because the world has recognised that human labour is too a commodity that is now globalized. Employers too need certainty of employees to guarantee their full performance and output, this way we can all add value to the world and live to cherish the gift of life. At Explorer Dubai ltd we humbly invite all employers and job seekers to partner with us to add value to our planet earth as it adds value to us, as each individual’s dream is fulfilled to its bream. Come let us realise our potential.

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