Overview Of Mechanics and Machining

Why Mechanics Are Like Money

Mechanics are like money: they make the world go round. We know you think this is an exaggeration, but it is true in many ways. 

Sure, you might conclude that mechanics are best with their heads buried in the hood of a vehicle. Or with grease smeared all over them in a shining show of engineering in all its finery. 

To a considerable extent, yes, they may be more showy than functional while also overcharging you for minor repairs to your vehicle.  

 Explorer Dubai wants to run you through why mechanics are fundamental to you and your business before you sigh and beyond such superficial determinants of what you describe a mechanic as.

In most of the world, mechanics are the nuts and bolts persons who knuckle down to handle the essential elements of an engineering job. 

Look; the same manner of role raw materials, i.e., iron ore, coke, and limestone, play in the steel industry. Without mechanics, engineering would be as dead as the steel industry without the said raw materials. 

However, mechanics are not always appreciated in modern engineering practice, making them the invisible force for productivity essential to the engineering process.

What makes a good mechanic?

There are many factors, primarily because basic engineering disciplines are not static, no matter how old and well established they are.

This fact applies to many professions and disciplines, and the field of mechanical engineering is no exception. 

Our mechanics are thus:

Multitalented. Our mechanics are multidimensional in how their skills fit within this broadly based discipline which keeps changing and growing to satisfy the needs of a changing market. 

Knowledgeable: Mechanics must be aware of their materials, be they found in cars or other mechanical gadgets. So an intimate knowledge of heat transfer must be on point as mechanics serve as vital cogs in industrial and manufacturing engineering. 

At Explorer Dubai, our mechanics are also equipped with information and learning in electrical and electronics engineering. That’s because these disciplines have a significant impact on the work of mechanics.


Why would you need a mechanic?

The easy answer is why not? 

The more considered response is that you might operate a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that transport cargo over long distances. So you cannot afford breakdowns or mechanical defects in your mechanized means of transportation. 

To be sure, not only will these breakdowns slow down or even collapse your business, they will disorder your peace of mind. 

We have the best mechanics ready to work in diverse, distant, and dynamic atmospheres or environments in response to your business concerns. 

Our mechanics are devoted entirely to making your mechanical issues vanish. Their mechanical engineering knowledge is duly extensive and has been so for a considerable period.

Innovative Mechanics

At Explorer Dubai, we do not deal in run-of-the-mill or average mechanics who do not know how to apply new thinking in mechanical engineering. Instead, we have mechanics that embrace designing, controlling, measuring, making, maintaining things, and monitoring and evaluating technologies, infrastructures, and systems.

Sounds technical? Well, that’s because it is. 

So our mechanics are not just grease junkies in overalls. Instead, they have broad knowledge and exhibit professional-level mechanical engineering specialized skills, which are the answer to all your mechanical concerns. 

Their diverse skills are directed to the specific needs of particular clients and customers. Overall, pun unintended; however, our mechanics have a broad and multidisciplinary Oomph to their trade.

Experience of the Mechanic needed

Our mechanics have been there and done that and bought proverbial the t-shirt in the process. They have been deployed to work in various organizations, including the small, medium, and large variety factories. They have thus been involved in design, manufacturing, consulting firms, and local government agencies. 

So they are experts on every topic regarding mechanics, especially in the broad and multidisciplinary sense. And thereby provide expert services and authoritative professional care to our clients with skill and knowledge in mechanics. 


Our mechanics deal with issues and problems in areas they have been intimately involved. Extensively too, their knowledge of engine parts, for instance, continues to produce a practical reference for other mechanics seeking to answer a question, solve a problem, reduce a cost, or improve a system or facility. 

Our dedicated mechanics offer excellent techniques to improve performance, technical effectiveness thanks to their advanced knowledge in the usefulness of parts, assemblies, and systems. 

They are always on hand to solve the problems at hand; they serve as a source of practical advice on maximizing your business or facilitating your work. 


Every practising mechanic must be trustworthy and reliable, even though mechanics are notorious for dishonesty and unreliability. Our mechanics, however, are the exact opposite of the latter. Thus, they have left many of our customers asking for more of these different breeds of a mechanic. We are specialists in this regard, as our mechanics are trained and coached to put the customer first and their greed last.


Exposure in any field or discipline is a bonus. We thus take pride in having our mechanics gain plenty of skills and know-how. Through their vast dealings in engines, metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, innovative materials, and electronic materials and packaging, they have. 

It is not unheard of to find our mechanics know about metals and carbon. They know alloys, stainless steels; aluminium and aluminium alloys; copper and copper alloys; titanium alloys; nickel alloys; magnesium and its alloys; and superalloys. 

Did you just say “wow”? 

If you did, that makes sense since our mechanics always induce the wow-factor in whatever they do. Their efforts are like the mythical Midas gold, shining with expert skills on how particular engines might be repaired or fixed. 

Mechanics, At A Glance

As commonly used in engineering practice, various technical scenarios generate a set of circumstances that propel or repel the proper functioning of a machine or device. A good mechanic must know about these scenarios, whether they involve the deformation in a machine induced by the imposed operational loads or other factors. 

Or it is simply knowing whether the ability of a machine to perform its intended function satisfactorily is due to being interfered with by something more systemic than what was previously assumed.

A mechanic is something of an artist or connoisseur when it comes down to the operation of an engine, for example. The mechanic will know why the engine has intolerably increased vibration, noise, and heating; and, therefore, why failure would have occurred.

Mechanical Work In Industries

At Explorer Dubai, we realize that mechanics come in different shapes and sizes. Some mechanics are best suited to factories as machine operators, fitter machinists, and assembly plant works. We thus nurture the same and provide our customers with such workers who know about free-cutting brass and leaded free-machining steel. 

Yes, our mechanics have worked closely in the past on mechanical properties for large-volume screw-machined parts such as automotive fittings. 

Rather interestingly, we can tell, these mechanics have machined value out brass and scrap to place value addition in the value chain of the factories where they have also worked. 

They also come with invaluable information about raw material, its costs, and the differences between different elements employed in the production process. 

They also know the advantages of environmental and quality issues associated with different materials and engineering practices. 

So, with our mechanics, you are likely to get a rounded package of work rate and skills set. That speaks to recycling rates and inherent corrosion resistance when dealing with different machines. 

Our mechanics are a big boon to factories, with their knowledge of the high value of machining and intricacies of metal removal towards recycling scrap. 

More Than Just Mechanics

Our mechanics are different. They know all about manufacturing high-quality, near-net-shape products requiring combinations of soundness, uniform mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, and good surface finish. 

So, they understand the business of business in engineering, which is an added skill in expanding our client’s bottom line. 

It’s true; our mechanics are not mere “grease monkeys” who save you from loss alone; these guys will even guide you towards profit.  So, when you acquire our mechanics, you gain a competitive edge. 

Skills And Competencies:

Apart from technical skills, our mechanics have admirable soft skills which complement their other competencies. These soft skills are: 

  • Excellent communication skills and abilities.
  • Excellent organizational and market strategy skills
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure.
  • Problem-solving skills, especially in budgetary oversight
  • Broad and deep experience in mechanical work.

Trusted Mechanics From The Experts

No matter your engineering needs, they must be functional. And such functionality covers garages, factories, and other industrial units with a view to customer comfort and care. 

This means you need mechanics that perform their particular tasks to perfection. 

To achieve such perfection, our teams of mechanic recruiters screen each applicant as we walk them through a bodyguard of procedures and interviews before adding them to our database. This database is updated and adapted to the client’s purposes. 

Thus, we have mechanics that:

  • Know their jobs
  • Have relevant experience
  • Have gone through Uganda’s best vocational schools
  • Are ready to work


Whether it comes to fixing your car or providing you with an expert industrial hand, we have all you need in terms of the best mechanics. We source these mechanics through: 

  • A database of highly experienced mechanics
  • A database updated annually by colleges for job placements
  • Hands-on interview venues from government-sanctioned colleges.
  • State-of-the-art facilities from these colleges.
  • We shall carry out all the pre-departure orientations, government clearances, and airport clearances to ensure you get your workers hassle-free.


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Our recruitment is free. However, we also know the international labour market: each country’s labour requirements differ. So, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you so desire.

We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

Our Mantra

“Quality delivers Quality.” 

This is our mantra when delivering workers who shall complement or supplement the quality your business is after. 

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We offer a 100% three-month probation performance guarantee. Within this time frame, we shall replace (for free) any mechanic that does not satisfy your expectations.

That’s because our work is to ensure our workers work best for you. 

The engineering market is quickly becoming more sophisticated as the quantity and quality of mechanics to choose from are increasing considerably.  So, time is sure of the essence. 

So, we urge you to:    

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