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So Why Do We Set Ourselves Apart? Customers Believe This To Be The Case.

Every day, since 2016; we at Explorer Dubai Ltd come to the office because we can’t stop thinking about the single most pressing issue facing today’s youth: finding gainful employment. We also intend to alleviate the recruitment difficulties faced by the investors. This generation’s challenge must be met wherever it may arise.

The Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development (MGLSD) in Uganda has recognized us as a distinct category of a licensed private recruitment agency.

A Joyous Occassion for Us. Our Birth Storyline

Imagine. Your age, in years, is 19. The year before you enrolled in college, your father passed away. If there are four people in your family, you are the oldest. Your dad has over 20 years of military experience and is a junior officer in the army. He provides for the family financially. The things he leaves behind are minimal.

By God’s grace, you manage to finish college. The next step is to get a job so you can support yourself and your family, especially your stepmom and younger siblings. You’ve been out of work for two years now.

You decide, “I think I’ll join the army.” You make several attempts, all of which are unsuccessful. There is too much competition compared to when your dad was growing up. A young person’s spirit cannot survive the harshness of a life without work.

You decide, “Why not give Dubai a shot?” in terms of finding gainful employment. However, you learn that recruitment agents cost money as well. You ask one of your father’s old friends for assistance, and he reluctantly offers to help you out.

After a year in Dubai, you decide to visit the old daddy’s friend again, this time with a new plan.

“Hey, how about you start a business that sends employees overseas to earn money? I’ll handle it your way, as you suggest

We reasoned that if this could change the course of one person’s life, it must be possible to do the same for thousands of other young people. This idea is sold to the friend of the dad who has a younger sister and younger brother. To put it another way, on 23rd May 2016 Explorer Dubai Ltd was established in this way. An exclusive private medium firm with the stated mission of bettering people’s lives through profit. As a business, our ultimate goal is to improve people’s quality of life, not just increase our bottom line. To put it simply, that is our entire purpose.

What Is With The Name, Explorer Dubai Limited?

One lost young man had found hope and purpose in Dubai. It is widely known as the epitome of radical and complete change. Now that Dubai has set the bar so high, all of the countries in the region are scrambling to catch up. Middle Eastern states such as Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

That’s exactly what we planned to do with the kids and their families in Uganda. Bring optimism where it has been lost, crush obstacles, and knock out goals.

According to legend, Uganda supplied the UAE with food in the 1970s. It has developed into a huge cosmopolitan with access to all the conveniences of today’s globalized world. Individuals of every race, ethnicity, and nationality can be found living there. The city of Dubai is a model of modern economic success. Our hopes and the hopes of our potential customers were reflected in the Dubai story. Do a DUBAI with your life and your future; that’s what we want for them! Thus, we arrived at Explorer Dubai!

Our Promise

To achieve this essential HR productivity, we are willing to work with any company or entrepreneur, no matter where they may be located. Keep your attention on running your company while we handle the hiring exercises.

Lessons Learned The Hard Way On Our Brief Trip

We realized that our understanding of the story had been superficial at best. Employing people from other countries is a complex operation. There are a lot of middlemen and the fees they charge their customers are through the roof. Agents fill a specific need in the market, and approaching potential clients directly is as difficult as fitting a camel through the eye of a needle. We’re climbing the corporate ladder alongside our loyal customers. A relatively new but rapidly expanding business that has made the entire world accessible to its customers.

When we first started out, we were confined to a single office. There was only a tiny table and three seats available in the reception area. When we were all around, we took turns sitting down. No benefits; just transport money and posho and beans as lunch. We started out on our journey.

Our Aha! Moment

Jordan’s housemaids’ business opened. It was free recruitment and we would get paid commission unlike before when clients would pay. Jordan didn’t last long and was closed. Then, Saudi Arabia opened up and the rest is history. It really needed Ugandan workers big time with no recruitment fees.

Our journey is our clients’ journey. It’s a shared history of challenges, near failures and success. Despite the odds; we now know success through experience is elusive but possible. That is what we share, inspire and take through our clients every day.

Who We Serve

We’re here for job-seekers, businesses, and staffing firms alike.

Countries served and still counting:

  • UAE- Over 1200 deployed
  • Qatar- over 1,500 deployed
  • Saudi Arabia- over 2,000. This is the fastest-growing market
  • Bahrain- Over 500 deployed
  • Jordan- over 800 deployed

 An Explosion Of Employment Possibilities

Between the ages of 21 and 45, everyone here is looking for work.

From high school to graduate school and beyond.

The process of hiring new employees and sending work overseas is like a conveyor belt. All of our workers are aware of the importance of relying on others to accomplish goals. Every day, we participate in the value chain, both as consumers and providers of Ugandan migrant labour.

Over 200 are usually sent out each month. Hop on board and start recruiting or looking for work.

We spreadexplorerdubailtd-love-you-red-heart from Uganda.  The pearl of Africa.

Can You Tell Us How and What It Is That We Can Do for You?

Excellent employees are hard to come by, as any human resources professional or business owner will tell you. By flipping the conventional wisdom on its head, we are able to successfully recruit. We enjoy playing with the constraints imposed by different languages, countries, and time zones. We travel the world over to find employment and bring it to you.

We find candidates, conduct interviews (or help you conduct interviews), obtain the necessary documentation from local authorities and transport the hired worker to their final destination.

We search for jobs throughout Uganda’s entire employment spectrum, from the entry-level to the executive level. Tell us what you need in terms of labour, and we’ll be there to help.

What We Are at Our Core

For mutual benefit, we must unite the incredible treasure that is Uganda’s human resource sector with the employers of the world, wherever they may be.

How Explorer Dubai ltd Measure Success

It isn’t competing at a high level.

To pile up trophies in one’s quarters is not the goal.

We consider it a victory if we can complete the journey together, helping those we encounter along the way.

Partners, customers, and staff members.

Our Vision

Our Core Purpose

To establish a model of success in life that is grounded in honesty and integrity

Core Values


We act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.


We ensure the safety of our people and make sure they get a trouble-free experience


We’re dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives inside and outside the company through our service and other initiatives.

Our Envisioned Future

To transform EDL from a little-known Labour recruitment company to a very well-known successful diversified company.

What Our Success Will Look Like

We will aggressively and deliberately grow the Labour business. It will have a presence beyond Uganda in sourcing countries and employing countries where mass opportunities exist. It will be the backbone of our growth.

We shall diversify into promising sectors and rival the best in each sector we venture into. We shall venture into opportunities that have a significant positive impact on people’s dreams.

We shall succeed and conquer by the sheer display of honesty and integrity. We shall be a company that everyone heartily looks at and admires as one that has succeeded through sheer integrity and persistence. We shall be obsessed with success through honest work as one of the most respected and exciting companies. Our staff should get a good vibe from working here and enjoy the ride.

We shall be a company that everyone admires and want to emulate. We shall let our success speak for itself. Our success must mesmerize people in no more than 2036, twenty years from our birthday.

We believe with extraordinary effort; we shall do it.

Meet The Magic Team Of Explorer Dubai ltd!

Our enthusiasm is born from the hard work of our collective team. We celebrate our differences and know that our combined strengths come from the many ways in which our people think and act.

In order to better serve our customers; everything we do and give to the people we interact with is based on our core values, of honesty, integrity and accountability.

Like Dubai, we hope to have a significant and positive effect on the economies and societies of the world at large. We have faith that they will spread the message to others as well. Success begets more success.  There will be a triumph for humanity.

With great honour, we can now say that we are members of the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies. You can find us through the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development’s (mglsd); EEMIS portal on the ministry’s website.

Team Explorer Dubai Ltd

I mean, why the heck not? Enjoy yourself; you’ve earned it just as much as anyone else!

Talented people can be found in Uganda. such a wide range of skills and abilities that they would be a valuable asset to any company, no matter the field.

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