Uganda Youth Dividend

Many foreign governments and recruitment agencies have long underestimated the potential and productivity of African labour, particularly in East Africa. Uganda has a youth dividend and a British-biased education system that makes its people quite adaptive and productive on the world stage. 70% of Uganda’s population are youth. Labour is just everywhere to power any government or company.

Why We Should Partner

We need you to be able to bridge the unemployment gap. We value extensively collaborating with you to deliver that employee to that employer anywhere on the globe. We have the capacity to supply labour from not only Uganda but the entire East African region through our partner collaborative network.

Save And Cut Costs With Us

You, therefore, do not need to open an office or go through the headaches and bother of identifying a reliable labour agency in this part of the world. We shall be your reliable extension and partner. This will create efficiencies at less cost and extend your reach and capabilities from your desk anywhere in the world. Of course, your reputation to your partners current and new is projected far and wide.
  • Direct Employers
  • Sister Recruitment agencies
  • Governments
  • Skilled manpower
  • Semi-skilled manpower
  • Professional manpower
We have the manpower for short and or long-term contracts. The labour is flexible to meet your needs or your clients. We value long-term relationships. Contact us for a discussion on a business partnership today At Explorer Dubai ltd we visit, call, Sapp, Face book or Skype you in order to understand your needs and only deliver candidates who match your specifications like:
  • Ensuring the highest level of customers’
  • Developing your opportunities within your business
  • We recommend candidates we have personally met and interviewed thus enabling a client to get a summary report on each
  • We provide free interview venues at our offices.
  • Because we do what you do, we cherish partnering with
  • We pledge to develop a long-term relationship with sister recruitment agencies all over the world
  • We can supply a wide range of workers with various skills from Uganda and the Region with a unique mix of capabilities for your
We provide personnel across a range of sub-sectors;
  • Construction
  • Financial services /Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Cleaners
  • Domestic workers
  • Teachers & instructors
  • Customer care
  • Security Guards
  • Hospitality
  • Waitresses & waiters
  • Drivers
  • Lifeguards
Our Outsourcing arm operates in Uganda locally and abroad through our sister partner agencies. We run a seamless operation from recruitment in Uganda to managing your HR activities easily. We do outsource to clients on the following terms:
  1. Temporary basis
  2. Permanent basis

Advantages Of HR Outsourcing To You

This will give the client the following advantages:
  1. Competitive advantage as your time will be freed up to concentrate on your core and critical activities.
  2. Cost-effectiveness. You access personnel only when you need them and thus reduce your headcount.
  3. HR planning and management flexibility
  4. Local labour laws compliance
  5. You only process a single monthly account payable that increases HR and Accounts staff productivity.


The HR contract workforce is part of your internal workforce and we ensure this synergy is achieved through job attractions, training, selection processes, renewal and deployments.

Dedicated Contact Person

As our crucial client, you will have a dedicated individual as your key point of contact expertly advise and assist you in our relationship with Explorer Dubai Ltd.

Other Ancillary Advantages The Offer

Through partnering with us you will also access advice on:
  • Strategic planning in alignment with business objectives
  • Implementation and continuous improvement
  • Operational management includes; performance reviews, candidate care and issue resolution
  • Account management service compliant with all SLAs, contract agreements and KPIs
  • On-going performance evaluation
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