NURSES JOBS ABROADHealth care is critical to us all. That’s why we pay out small fortunes towards the following: 

Health and Fitness Gyms 

Especially the kind that provides a premium gym experience for members and guests with peerless training sessions, excellent amenities and facilities, and personal trainers who will take our health and fitness to another level. 


We work out through walking and other exercises regimented to ensure lean body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance. This keeps us healthy while ensuring that we look like movie stars and not unfit types who die in their movies (read lives). 

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Many of us have gone beyond fitness to turn health into a lifestyle by participating in a wide range of nutritional drinks and related organic variations. To find out what works for us and ensure that a good diet complements a good workout. 

However, when all else fails, and it often does, we need great health practitioners to make sure we live longer and healthier lives. This is why Explorer Dubai has nurses for you.


Nursing is broad, even though many envision nurses in the narrow sense. 

This profession includes clinical practice, education, research, management and administration. 

You see, it is a fully-fledged health discipline that we do not take lightly. 

That’s because a nurse influences the lives of patients, their families, and their communities as a frontline worker. 

In this era of Covid-19, this frontline role is even more critical than ever before. That’s because nurses ensure patients are at the centre of their practice. 

The word ‘patient’ is in and of itself very wide as it includes individuals, families, or communities. 

As sure as the word Patient can be subdivided, the health care needs of the patients are multiple, and these are associated with their vulnerabilities and expectations, thereby making nursing both challenging and rewarding.

Nurses put a difference in their patients’ lives, and this is fulfilling. We thus make sure that the nurses we provide offer personal and professional rewards such as care administered in a quality patient-centred manner while ensuring such care is safe, prudent, and knowledgeable, responsible and accountable to the patients in terms of health promotion, illness prevention, and catering to the complex care needs of any given population. 

We recognise that health personnel, such as nurses, are vital to your well-being and your desire to go on beneficially living your lives for you and your family. 

This is more important in the context of the following: 

Health Disparities

Health disparity is an inequality between the health status of low-income groups and the wealthy with high incomes. 

The former suffers significantly from disease and injury. Because they are marginalised groups, they are more likely to have poor health outcomes and die earlier. 

We can already see that during this pandemic, the poor are more and more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Our Nurses

Nurses Dream Jobs abroadOur nurses are second to none in the way they assess the patients’ physical status related to the ability to perform or live their lives fruitfully. 

They are efficient in making sure health outcomes square with patient needs. They efficiently assess a patient’s holistic well-being. 

This involves even mental care and then a searching and investigatory look at the patient’s muscle strengths, flexibility, balance, visual acuity, and ability to detect thermal and tactile stimuli. 

They provide the complete package when it comes to health care. 

Going beyond the call of duty, they also determine a patient’s happiness by their (the nurse’s) bedside manner. The way they smile and talk to the patient all sum up a therapeutic assault on illness. 

Our nurses educate and counsel patients and caregivers on why proper hygiene techniques are necessary for primary health care situations. The hygiene skills are imparted to maintain these standards that you and the community expect. 

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Nurse training in Uganda

A nurse above 18 years of age is registered with Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC) to practice nursing. 

Nurses diagnose and treat acute, episodic, or chronic illnesses independently or as part of a healthcare team. Their work is geared towards health promotion and disease prevention, involving prescribing medication. In addition, a nurse may order, perform, or interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and x rays. 

According to the Uganda Nurses and Midwives council, there are 58 teaching institutions where nurses may become fully licensed health workers. 

A person’s training to become a nurse is three years. The noted institutions through which they may undergo this training are, among others, Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing, Kabale School of Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing Hoima School of Nursing and Midwifery Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery. 

To embark on a degree in nursing, you will need Advanced Higher or equivalent qualification in at least one science from biology, chemistry, physics, applied science, health and social care, psychology, sociology or physical education, plus two other subjects.

After you have leapt that hurdle, you will be eligible for the course and, upon completion, be registered under the following categories: 

  • Registered Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • Registered Bachelor of Science Midwifery
  • Registered Masters of Science Nursing
  • Registered Health Tutor-Nursing
  • Registered Health Tutor- Midwifery
  • Registered Public Health Nurse
  • Registered Comprehensive Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Midwife
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse

Registered Paediatric Nurse

Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled Midwife

Enrolled Mental Health Nurse

Enrolled Comprehensive Nurse

Nurses Dream Jobs Abroad

The Nurses Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics

As with doctors cleaving to the Hippocratic Oath, nurses must value human rights as paramount, which means they must respect the rights to life and the dignity of every patient or person in their care. 

Nurses, accordingly, are guided by a code to promote their high standards of professional conduct. The Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council developed the code of all nurses’ responsibilities, duties, behaviour, and obligation in Uganda. 

The competencies of our Nurses

The number one competency of our nurses is their willingness to go that extra mile for their customers, whether literally or metaphorically, with no additional cost or hassle to our customers. 

They exhibit a level of professionalism that is underlined by the spirit of service above self. So they are patient, obedient, calm, and well-mannered and tailored to your health care. 

More specifically, however, the qualities of our safe and competent nurses are:

  • critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of their personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviour, which are necessary for competent nursing;
  • taking action to keep identified risks to a minimum;
  • their unique awareness of their abilities and also the limitations of a specific medicine in favour of a holistic approach to caregiving;
  • awareness of the risks inherent in health care and thus the need to always be conscientious ;
  • concentration and good observation;
  • continuously matching their knowledge with breakthroughs in medical science 

Our nurses can quickly adapt to emergency services when the need arises, and they thus never panic where other lesser health caregivers do. Our nurses must be seen to be exemplary drivers because they are. 

Their attitude towards their nursing is key, and if members of the public have noticed such attitude as good, such notice influences our nurses to do even better. 

Our nurses are aware that they are seen as role models in their field and can thereby influence the behaviour of the field of medicine for the better. 

This is what we call the knock-on effect of our services.  Suppose other nurses see us with a courteous attitude, devotion to duty and an obvious safety concern. In that case, they’re more likely to behave in the same way.

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Our Promise

We go all the way to search and recruit those quality nurses who understand the challenge of truck driving. 

We promise that our nurses will follow several core competencies that serve as the very basis of our nurses’ abilities. 

It is essential that, before our nurses even pick syringes, tablets or scrubs, they need to develop several competencies to the highest possible standards and these competencies are:

  • the knowledge and skills to put the patient first at all times to ensure safety and efficiency in the discharge of their duties;
  • Understanding of factors that increase the risk of unwelcome health outcomes or cause any loss/damage to patient’s well-being
  • their ability to accurately assess their behaviour and competencies to grow to the level of brilliance we demand, and you expect. 

As nurses, our medical workers’ every working life is characterised by the number and variety of tasks they must carry out to serve our customers better. These duties are often carried out within a single shift. 

Whatever the nursing duty, however, our nurses are expected to maintain the highest possible standard of nursing and complete the task calmly and efficiently to maximise the customer’s benefits.

 As well as the several core competencies stated above, there are task-specific competencies that are particularly important for the operational effectiveness of our nurses. 

These are:

  • multi-tasking – being able to carry out several demanding nursing duties

at the same time and with equal accuracy and efficiency; 

  • alertness and total commitment – being vigilant and remaining focused to execute each task to the hilt while foreseeing and forestalling potential hazards early and leaving nothing to chance;
  • attention distribution – our nurses are experts at splitting their attention across all aspects of their nursing duties;
  • situational awareness – our nurses use all their senses to build up an accurate mental picture of the medical environment, what the patients need and what they (our nurses) should do to respond to the same;
  • anticipation – using their observational skills and nursing experience, our nurses know how to anticipate what the patient needs are and ensure that what is needed is done efficiently and effectively; 
  • caregiving – our nurses are essentially caregivers who use their care precisely for making medical-based and accurate decisions throughout the task at hand;
  • making judgments – when it comes to making judgment calls, our nurses are brilliant at judging situations accurately and taking the best and most patient-centred action.

Nurses Dream Jobs abroad



We vet only reliable nurses for the job

Our nurses have a spotless service record. That’s because we check each nurses history for record and action. 

We check and crosscheck for the alertness and behaviour of our nurses.

Of course, the health habits of our nurses must gel with the highest traditions of quality service. 

The ability to communicate with those you serve is premium, so our nurses must be good communicators. 

And our drivers must be knowledgeable. 


All applicants shall meet the following minimum qualifications to perform as nurses.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Applicants must have a diploma or degree from an accredited institution of learning.

Applicants must be able to obtain a Ugandan passport

Applicants must provide no less than two years nursing experience 

Will check previous work history

Applicants must show stable work history and good references (for experienced nurses, no more than one employer in last year). 

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How it Works

How to recruit NURSES from us

Step One

  • Schedule a free consultation now! Or
  • Call us today or
  • WhatsApp now or
  • Book Online
  • Tell us the required:
  • Quantity
  • Required date
  • Country
  • Salary range
  • Other employment benefits
  • We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step Two

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step Three

We shall organise interviews as per your reference either by:

Physical interview- We shall help organise your accommodation and venue 

Through Skype

We shall carry out necessary government clearances

We shall send all the successful candidates as soon as you want us to.

If practical interviews are required; we shall:

Arrange and provide the test for our nurses

Arrange the best test ground available. 

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Happy customers will always say it.

“A lie runs the field halfway before the truth puts on its pants”.

Winston Churchill, Your Content Goes Here


How much does it cost?

Our recruitment is ideally free.

However, we also know the international labour market is diversified with each country’s specific labour requirements and laws. Therefore, we shall discuss your quote one-on-one if you so desire.

We take pride in offering affordable yet superior services.

Our unconditional Guarantee

We are so confident; you will love our Nurses. We offer a 100% three-month performance guarantee. We shall replace for free any nurse that does not satisfy your expectations.

We know it is stressful to source reliable nurses. And because we know that a good nurse gives peace of mind by doing the things that set you at ease, we are at your service.

Schedule a free consultation now! Or

Call us today or

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