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Tips on how to make a great CV

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As a jobseeker nothing markets you than a C.  In fact for foreign workers, the employers heavily rely on your CV. Many do not even do interview but only rely on your CV. Simply put a CV is your marketing tool. You get it right you are half way done to your dream job. It takes you the next stage of Interviews or the job itself.

The CV should show your achievements and your expected unique value to the employer in a brief and plain Language. Your high caliber recommenders or work area just spices the CV but can’t guarantee a job.

Remember the employer wants what you can do for him foremost. The others are simply endorsers of your CV not guarantors of your capabilities.

An effective CV will have the following at a minimum:


Format & Structure

You should have a list of your unique capabilities, competencies and skills. You should be analytical about your distinct competencies that distinguish you from the crowd. Key areas to include are:
  • Name, address, contact details are put at top of page.
  • A brief profile that summarizes your skills and life aspirations-about one paragraph.
  • Your profile that is name, address and contact details should be at the top of the page.
  • Profile your career in reverse order. Start with the current job, employers, period worked there (year and months) and key roles. Membership of relevant bodies should be indicated.
  • Preferably using bullets; describe your objectives and responsibilities with more details on current job.
  • Show your interests and hobbies in precise. Additional information here should justify relationship with your role or output.
  • Education in a summarized way. Emphasis on higher education
  • Include other qualifications that have relevancy to your application and job. Period taken is relevant here.
  • Put credible references and info them in advance in case they are asked. Or put “References available on request”
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