• To Jobseekers

    Searching for jobs, telephone interviews, in-person interviews, waiting for a call that sometimes doesn't arrive can all add up to stress that makes it hard to focus and find the job you want!

    • we connect and locate your most suitable recruiter
    • we Register with Agency Seeker and forward your CV directly to recruiters
    • we find people work, give them experience and the opportunity to build their futures
    • we request immediate call backs to discuss your recruitment needs
    • we endever to induct you on the general culture of the country of employment to afford fast fit in
  • To Employers

    Explorer Dubai ltd offers a 3 month guarantee for each placement, meaning that if the candidate is not meeting the performance requirement or leaves; Explore Dubai ltd shall be able to get a replacement candidate at no additional cost (provided that the candidate has not left due to breach of contract by the employer-client).

    • At Explorer Dubai ltd we visit, call or Skype you in order to understand your needs and only deliver candidates who match your specifications.
    • Ensuring the highest level of customers satisfaction
    • Developing your opportunities within your business sector
    • That it only recommends candidates they have personally met and interviewed thus enabling a client get a summary report on each candidate.
  • To Partner Agencies
    • Because we do what you do, we cherish partnering with you.
    • We pledge to develop a long term relationship with sister recruitment agencies allover the world
    • We can supply a wide range of workers and services from Uganda and the Region with a unique mix of capabillities for your clients.
    • Contact us for a full disccusion.
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