Company History

Explorer Dubai Ltd is a manpower recruitment and placement firm working with professionals, skilled workers, other firms and businesses both within Uganda and abroad. The firm is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development in Uganda License No. E1903413. It is established majorly, to engage in the business of labour recruitment for internal and export market, as well as manpower outsourcing consultancy. The firm is established with the desire to contribute to the development of the Ugandan community through mainly acquisition of jobs to the youth at home and abroad. 

It also has a desire to contribute to the national development goal by exporting labour to bring in foreign exchange as it uplifts the social economic status of both the individuals and the nation. Furthermore, we aim to utilize the competitively priced, resourceful and abundant youth labour in Uganda to facilitate foreign individuals and firms outside acquire this labour to leverage their productivity, profitability and competitiveness. 

There is rampant and dehumanizing scenes of illegal immigrants killed in the Mediterranean Sea and for the Ugandan case immigrants are caught, deported or imprisoned in foreign countries on their illegal migration attempts to Europe, the Middle East or Asia for better life. This needs a solution, and that is the reason Explorer Dubai Ltd has positioned itself to make its humble contribution to restrain this catastrophe by contributing towards providing an organized avenue to render illegal migrants unnecessary. 

Youths can work anywhere and come back home thus job hunts shouldn’t be a do or die affair because the world is now globalized. Employers too need certainty of employees to guarantee their full performance and output, this way we can all add value to the world and live to cherish the gift of life. At Explorer Dubai Ltd we humbly invite all employers and job seekers to partner with us to add value to our planet earth as it adds value to us.


To become Africa’s most recognized manpower recruitment brand.


To recruit energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic jobseekers and source for reputable employers that value, them for their mutual benefit.

Our Merits

We have unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives or dream job, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public and labour relations like:

  • We are honest and respect our clients.
  • We undertake Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.
  • We undertake a creative approach to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions.
  • We work as a team based on the implementation of progressive communication disciplines that is also prompt with readiness and courage even in times of a crisis.
  •  We provide professional quality of services by a highly passionate and motivated team with strong technological background that is available 24/7


Core Values

We take responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of customers and fellow workers.


We collaborate within and outside the company to give the best.


We are committed to rolling great service and other initiatives that impact on lives both within and outside the organization.


We are consistent in offering the best for the wonderful experience.


We are efficient and effective in our approach to give best solution each time.


We come up with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the World.


We act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.


We give the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction. We listen to you to ensure you get the best service and satisfaction.


We ensure the safety of our people and making sure they get a trouble free experience

For Jobseekers

  • We connect and locate your most suitable recruiter
  • We Register with Agencies and forward your CV directly to recruiters
  • We find work for you and give you the opportunity to build your future
  • We request immediate call backs to discuss your recruitment needs
  • We endeavor to induct you on the general culture of the country of employment to afford fast fit in.

For Employers

At Explorer Dubai ltd we visit, call, what Sapp, Face book or Skype you in order to understand your needs and only deliver candidates who match your specifications like:

  • Ensuring the highest level of customers’ satisfaction.
  • Developing your opportunities within your business sector.
  • We recommend candidates we have personally met and interviewed thus enabling a client to get a summary report on each candidate.
  • We provide free interview venue if preferred.

For Partner Agencies

  • Because we do what you do, we cherish partnering with you.
  • We pledge to develop a long-term relationship with sister recruitment agencies all over the world
  • We can supply a wide range of workers with various skills from Uganda and the Region with a unique mix of capabilities for your clients.

we provide personnel across a range of sub sectors;

  • Construction
  • Financial services /Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Cleaners
  • Domestic workers
  • Teachers & instructors
  • Customer care
  • Security Guards
  • Hospitality
  • Waitresses & waiters
  • Drivers
  • Life guards


The recruitment process is regulated by the government of Uganda under the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD). Many processes overlap. The following is the process:

  1. Online submission of recruitment documents to the Ministry of Gender, Labor and social Development (MGLSD) who keenly observe and regulate our activities.

This clearance is sought through disclosing information about the client (you), your agreement with us (EDL), the actual job order and the job requirements.

The following are the recruitment documents submitted: 

Agreement between foreign agency and Explorer Dubai


 Sample of employment contract

copy of demand letter

copy of special power of attorney

  1. Once approved, the job is made available to the public
  2. Candidates are submitted for clearance with our government security agencies.


  • Explorer Dubai Ltd takes over the entire recruitment cycle that enables our clients to focus on their core operational functions while we outsource the HR function.
  • We have liaison officers all over Uganda to help us reach out to as many people as possible.
  • We screen clients according to the particular job demand in terms of skills, character and physical structure, this has enabled us develop a reliable data bank
  • For unique jobs outside the existing data bank we have the capacity to source for them at maximum speed.


  • We conduct pre – medical before admitting any client to our data base. Once a job seeker is selected by our employer, we then conduct a full medical checkup with Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development approved health centers / laboratories or a health center or laboratory of the employer’s choice in Uganda.
  • The successful jobseekers undergo mandatory yellow fever vaccination before departure.
  • They also undergo mandatory preflight medical reexamination a few days before departure to absolutely be sure of their health status as earlier confirmed.
  • The results are sent to the foreign employer directly by the

laboratory to ensure maximum integrity of the results.


  • We conduct pre – departure training for the job seekers on the basic culture, environment and expectations of the employer and destination country to ease cultural shock.

Time and flexibility

  • With prior arrangements with an employer we provide labour in real time, we are so flexible that we can meet the employer’s labour demands as it develops. We are dedicated to aid you and your business to grow.

Exporting process

  • We only export personnel that has been fully cleared by government.


  • Sahara Mediation Works for recruiting non Jordanian domestic workers to Jordan.
  • Orient Recruiting Agency for recruiting non Jordanian Domestic workers to Jordan.
  • AJWAA Recruiting Agency for recruiting non Jordanian Domestic

workers to Jordan.

We have supplied over 800 workers to Jordan in the last one year.


  • Has supplied over 800 Domestic workers to Saudi Arabia in the less than one year thru firms like:
    • Waad Almsader in Riyadh
    • Alborman Recruitment Agency
    • Kadamat Recruitment Agency
    • Jussur Emdad Mega Co (Joint Stock listed Co)


  • Worked with European Guarding Security Services (EGSS) in Qatar where we supplied a significant number of security personnel in 2016 through Al Saudi Company of Kenya.

 We are currently supplying the following:

  • Hemaya Security with a demand of 500 security personnel and CCTV camera operators.
  • Falcon security
  • Regency security
  • Doha security services


We are currently supplying:

  • Al Sraiya Security Services (SSS) with security guards
  • Al Shafar United Electromechanical LLC with technicians of AC, Electrical and plumbers.

Plot 3782, Lukade road, Namugongo,Kyaliwajala

P.O Box 35551, Kampala (Uganda) Tel: +256 704 022400 (Office Line) Mobile/WhatsApp: +256782554654 (Director)