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Why Electrician Jobs With Accommodation Provided Are Like Money

Electrician Jobs With Accommodation Provided Overview

electrician jobs with accommodation provided are vital human resources. Their work involves installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical equipment at places of work and residences. 

One could say they are problem solvers of a special kind. They solve operational problems of electrical equipment and systems, especially those found in public building units. 

These units often experience one of four basic faults:

  • Short circuit
  • Ground fault
  • Open circuit
  • Change in electrical value

An electrician’s work thus employs troubleshooting techniques to identify such problems using various tools, namely portable field-testing instruments.

These tools of an electrician’s trade are instrumental in improving your business efficiency or home luxury.  In recent times, electricians have emphasized the use of digital multimeters (DMMs), the most common and versatile electrician’s diagnostic tool. Such modernity and next-level practice are what our electrician jobs with accommodation provided are about in their daily work. 

Why Do You Need An Electrician?

We all appreciate the essentiality of electricity in running a modern business, home, or any building establishment. Because of this essentiality, electricians take on a central role in helping your businesses or homes run smoothly. 

However, many electrician jobs with accommodation provided on the market are not genuine electricians. Thus they may misapply presumed electrical skills in service of your business and thereby cost you severe losses. Such fake or quack electricians never ask the right questions, so they cannot provide the correct answers to any challenges you might be experiencing. 

On the other hand, our electricians ask the right questions and thereby get the job done correctly. These questions orbit around our studying of the problem thoroughly and minutely.

electrician jobs with accommodation provided

We Ask These Questions When Giving Out Electrician Jobs With Accommodation Provided:

  • What are the warning signs which point to trouble?
  • Is there any prior repair or maintenance

work that has been done to it?

  • Is it the first time you have experienced this problem?
  • We look at the circuit, component, and equipment related and ask if it still operates. Can we keep it working while we test it? 

As usual, there are no ready answers, but we always have them regardless through this method:

  • We ask the owner or user of the machine, gadget, etc
  • We also think deeply about all possible causes of the problem 
  • Then we think outside the box, colour outside the lines
  • We can also consult our troubleshooting charts
  • Sometimes the most straightforward answer is correct, so we check the most uncomplicated factors. 
  • In our repair and maintenance kits, we may also find clues.
  • Our electrician’s calibrated instruments are then checked.
  • Before we repair the circuit component, we inspect every possible conclusion and then take it from there. 

You see, our electricians realize that the source of many problems is not one part alone, but the relationship of one piece to another. For instance, a tripped circuit breaker may be reset to restart a piece of equipment, but what caused the breaker to stumble in the first place? 

Our electrician jobs with accommodation provided go to the root of the problem and thereby supply the correct answer to that question. The answer to that question is, by the way, that the breaker tripped because a vibrating “hot” conductor momentarily came into contact with a ground or a loose connection which caused overheating. Then again, our electricians have the inquiring minds to realize that any number of other causes could have caused the circuit to trip. Our expert electricians go to the heart of the matter to reduce your operating costs and help you keep your peace of mind. Too often, electrically operated equipment is wholly disassembled in search of the cause of a specific complaint and destroys all evidence during disassembly operations.

This situation will cause losses in your operations and set you back in many ways. Therefore, even if we are talking about fixing electricity in a home, we need to complete a complete check.  It is key to smoothing out electrical support and thereby providing an easy solution to the problem. This check also ensures nothing has been overlooked. Our electricians know and appreciate such attention to detail as yet another tool in their kit. 

Electricity Outages And Your Business

Say you operate a factory and you have a power outage, Then you need to give out electrician jobs with accommodation provided. This power problem will cause losses in terms of person-hours and productivity related to that. The electricians we shall provide you shall help avert such a scenario. Our electricians will solve the problem. In addition, ensure that an electrical failure has been corrected in any electrical circuit or piece of equipment. They shall locate and correct the cause so they will not repeat the same loss. 

They will not stop there. Further investigation may reveal other faulty components, so they’ll make sure they look into these and solve the problem in the long term. Through our competent electricians, we are aware that although troubleshooting charts and procedures greatly help diagnose malfunctions, they can never be complete; there are too many variations and solutions for a given problem.

Oh yes, our electricians are as thorough as they come. They often follow the guiding principle of continuously checking the easiest and obvious things first; following this simple rule saves time and trouble. And it gets the job done for you efficiently. 

To solve electrical problems consistently, our electricians must first understand the essential parts of electrical circuits, how they function, and for what purpose. 

When they know that a particular part is not performing its job, you must diagnose the cause.  Intermittent faults can be a complicated troubleshooting problem; if the electrician is not equal to the task. Thankfully, though, our electricians are more than competent in solving such problems. 

Working Safely Is Critical When Electrician Jobs With Accommodation Provided Is From Us

Electrical troubleshooting is inherently hazardous. The hazards of working with electricity include shock and electrocution, fire, and arc-blast injuries. This hazard may cause more problems than what you initially set out to solve. So you need an electrician who understands health and safety regulations as an added skill or knowledge crucial to you and your business. 

Our electricians thus follow the correct standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace as the governing standard for protection against electrical hazards in the workplace. As we mentioned earlier, troubleshooting is particularly hazardous because electricians and technicians often work on energized (“live”) equipment and systems.

Some Points To Consider For Electrician Jobs Abroad

We demand that our electricians always use personal protective equipment (PPE). The wear is that troubleshooting often involves the testing of energized circuits and equipment. 

Because of the dangers, we follow the standard practice given electrical testing as a hazardous task that should only be performed wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Electrical supervisor job abroad

The Minimum PPE For Electrical Troubleshooting Work Is As Follows:

  • As a must, long-sleeved shirts and pants of natural fibres, such as cotton or wool, must not be worn. Likewise, don’t wear synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon, which can melt and catch fire in case of an electrical arc blast.
  • Steel-toed boots; wear them consistently.
  • Only hard plastic hats should be worn for electrical work.
  • Safety goggles or glasses must be worn.
  • Work gloves should also be worn.

In addition, our electricians never wear metal jewellery such as rings, wristwatches, chains, and earrings when working around electrical circuits and equipment. 

Gold and silver, as you know, are excellent conductors of electricity.

Working on energized equipment such as panelboards and motor control centres with the covers off is particularly hazardous. 

A short-circuit or faulty circuit breaker in an energized panel board could result in an arc blast, causing severe burns and other injuries to the workers involved.

In addition to electrical hazards, testing and maintenance work also involves other dangers such as falling from roofs and ladders and accidents with power tools.  Such risks mean you need a very competent and qualified electrician. This skill set is what we provide.

Qualifications Of  Electrician Jobs With Accommodation Provided

We at Explorer Dubai Ltd believe that electricians must not only be competent and experienced, but they must also have the following: 

A certificate or diploma, at the very minimum, in electrical maintenance, installation, and repairs to the level of Craft 1 or 2 from a recognized tertiary institution. Standard electrical requirements for electricians define a qualified electrician as:  “One who has skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and installations and has received safety training on the hazards involved.”

We at Explorer Dubai use this definition as a rule of thumb. This helps to prevent accidents and injuries. It also ensures that our electricians work efficiently and always live up to your expectations. 

We thus insist that only qualified persons meeting this definition should perform electrical troubleshooting work. 

We wholly discourage gamblers and quacks as we believe that untrained, unqualified persons should never be allowed to do electrical testing and maintenance. This way, we give you the best by demanding it of our personnel. 

At Explorer Dubai, we also recognize that that business runs on electricity, literally. So our expert electricians are adept in three fundamental areas of maintenance, installation, and repair: 

Installing transformers: dry-type transformers are in fact a component of many electrical installations. They’re in sizes differ from small doorbell transformers to three-phase 25-kVA units. These transformers are installed in electrical closets to huge, free-standing units rated at several hundred kVA. Therefore, electricians must know how to test for and diagnose problems that develop in transformers—especially in the smaller, dry-type power supply or control transformers.

Lighting: One comedian called electricity organized lighting, something which we at Explorer Dubai do not treat as a joke. A typical commercial, industrial, or institutional building contains hundreds or even thousands of luminaries responsible for the lighting. For this reason, our electricians troubleshoot here as a matter of importance concerning the most common types of lighting used in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications: 

  • Fluorescent luminaires
  • Incandescent luminaires
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires

Our electrician jobs with accommodation provided also work on electric motors operating on the principle of electromagnetic induction.  Our electricians explore the following:

  • Worn bearings
  • Moisture
  • Overloading
  • Poor insulation
  • Single-phase operation of a three-phase motor

Troubleshooting Motors

The windings are customarily tested for ground faults, opens, shorts, and reverses to detect defects in electric motors. The exact method of performing these tests depends on the type of motor being serviced. 

As you can see, we cover all the bases for getting you a competent electrician. Our electrician will make sure your business, life, and basic safety are safe. 

electrician jobs with accommodation provided

How To Recruit Electricians From Us

Step One

Tell us the required:

  • Quantity of electricians 
  • Required date
  • Country
  • Salary range
  • Other employment benefits

We promise to respond immediately or, if not possible, within 12 hours.

Step One

We shall give you twice the required number of CVs for selection

Step One

  • We shall organize an interview as per your reference either:
  • Physical interview- We shall help organize your accommodation and venue or 
  • Thorough Skype
  • We shall carry out necessary government clearances
  • We shall send them to you.

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