skilled and semi-skilled labour: Do you own a business in UAE? Or do you run your own company or are you an MNC employer? Labour shortage is a growing phenomenon, affecting everyone from employers to recruiting agencies.


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The shortage of skilled and semi-skilled labour has and is becoming a major issue. Some countries even have declared it an emergency. Europe declared labour shortage a challenge hard to combat.


Shortage of labour can slow down a country’s economy in a bad way, we’ll discuss this later. Shortage of solving and doing small labour work has and will become a headache for those who do not do the art.


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In foreign countries, the shortage of skilled and semi-skilled labour is increasing. Several countries are migrating skilled individuals to overcome their growing labour shortage.


Europe- 32 %


Asia- 13.3%


Southeast Asia and Pacific- 7.1%


Latin America & the Caribbean- 2.7%


Northern America- 23% 


Arab States- 13.9%


Source: Migration data portal


In 2019, employers in the USA complained about the shortage of skilled labours. And here is the twist. Employers were having a harder time filling in blue-collar positions. That the professional positions, hinting at the urgent need of migrant labour. Check out the article 


What Effect Does Labour Shortage Causes in a Country? 


On Business: Skilled labour shortage affects small start-ups. It also affects businesses in a large way. They often lead to unfilled clients’ orders and declining competitiveness. , Also deterioration in service quality. 


As a recruiter in UAE, you should be aware of how labour shortage makes a country’s economy suffer! 


Now, let us see what effect does it have on SMEs? 


56 % of entrepreneurs have observed that labour shortage makes staff have to work more. This makes claims of the wage raise further. And, another 43 % says that labour shortage limits a company’s growth. 


Many entrepreneurs also said that because of the shortage their companies have problems. They have been unable to fill orders or have delayed orders. Some mentioned that this has caused less motivation and competitiveness. 




Impact of Labour Shortage 


Labour has always been a crucial part of any economy even when civilization did not take place! This is from the very beginning of urbanization. Or let us say when people started forming states, labour has been in demand. It was playing part to build houses, for farming, and so many other jobs. 


Adam Smith, a famous Scottish economist said, “Labour was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or silver, but by labour, that all the wealth of the world was originally purchases.”



(Image 1: Diagram showing labour shortage)


Foremost; reaction to the labour shortage is for firms and employers is to increase pay. To attract more workers. Ever wondered why it costs 6o to 100 $ an hour to hire a plumber? Well, it is partly due to the relative shortage of labour. In a free market, we can notice higher wages in professions. For example, lawyers, where there is insufficient supply. 


See diagram (Image 2). It shows different employers’ responses to the skilled and semi-skilled labour shortage. Labour shortage can affect various countries in different ways. , We cannot compare to any two or more to draw a conclusion. 


Does UAE Need Labour? 


Yes, UAE depends on foreign labour for the majority of its work. The UAE government in 2019, allowed foreigners to own 100 % of its businesses in the emirate. This gave a huge push to its visa process. This shows that the UAE government is ready to negotiate with foreign labours. It is also throwing huge opportunities for people. 




Why Ugandan Labour?




You need to hire a person who can understand your instructions. Without good and clear communication, there is no advantage of hiring Ugandan labour. Uganda is the best English speaking country in the whole of Africa.  This is according to a study conducted by the World Linguistic Agency, 


The British did colonize Uganda and the country adopted its education system. And another fact. English is the first official language of the country. That contributes to the local’s skill in speaking English. The ability to speak and understand English allows Ugandan labourers to migrate. Also in getting mixed up with the UAE multi-racial local culture. , This eases the transition and training process.


Ugandan Youth 




About 77 per cent of Uganda’s population is under the age of 25, making it a country of young people. The country can cope up with almost any size of workforce demand. It has young professionals whether skilled or semi-skilled. 


Good Labour Externalization Policies


There are very few African countries that have well-drawn labour externalization policies. Uganda has a well-developed labour export system. This has facilitated recruitment agencies. They adopt the most successful international practices in this regard. 


Why should you choose us to help you out? 


Well, for starters finding a good job opportunity and handling other chores can be tough. For that, you need an expert like us! We have been in this business for years. 


Explorer Dubai Ltd is 100 per cent committed to bridging the gap. That gap between the countries that need migrant labour/workforce and local labour. We link both great job opportunities. We aim to benefit both entities and bring the best out of the deal. 


Choose Us for Easy Hiring 


Why hire a recruiting agency in UAE that in turn hires locals to screen, recruit and train labour?  You can pick us and work direct with people who understand the Ugandan culture. 


One of our core values is honesty, so you can know what you are getting when you choose to work with us. We make sure that both, the job-seeking Ugandan labour and the employer find the perfect match. This is what it means to be a dedicated agency. Also to operate as an accredited registered recruitment agency in Uganda.


Wider Human Resource Pool 


We understand the work culture and can filter out the potential workforce for you. This we do more than any other foreign agencies. We will make a valuable addition to your workforce. At the same time, this labour will not have trouble integrating into your communities. 


Conclusion- Make your life better and easier by discovering amazing work opportunities! And for employers, hire the best skilled and semi-skilled labour from Uganda. 

 Hire us for skilled and semi-skilled labour jobs in Dubai! The skilled and semi-skilled labour shortage is increasing in countries. , Now, you can change your life by migrating to such countries and achieve your long-term goals.


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